Group Correspondence Courses

Group up and save money.

Group Correspondence Courses (GCCs) offer low cost, high quality learning experiences for groups of up to 20 participants plus their group coordinator. GCCs are open to all EGA members.

  • GCC Overview

    Group Correspondence Courses (GCCs) offer low cost, high quality learning experiences for groups of up to 20 participants plus their group coordinator. GCCs are open to all EGA members.

    • Participants work together or individually to learn new techniques. Participants share the course fee.
    • Each participant pays for his/her own text.  Participants provide their own supplies.  Note that on rare occasions, a teacher may include hard-to-find supplies with the text. This exception is noted in the course description.
    • The names and addresses of at least two supply sources are provided with every course.
    • Some students may have difficulty in finding and working with some of the unusual materials featured in GCCs. These materials have been included because they provide a variety of options for a student’s own work.
  • Group Coordinator

    Whether the GCC is offered by a chapter or a region, a group coordinator is appointed by the chapter or region to act as a liaison between the teacher and students. This coordinator orders the texts and arranges to have projects sent to the teacher for evaluation and evaluated projects returned to students.

    For this service, the group coordinator is charged no fee for the course, but does purchase a text and supplies.  EGA members-at-large may also form a group, appoint a group coordinator, and share in a GCC.

    Any individual member may register for a GCC and is responsible for the entire course fee, plus their text fee.

  • Enrollment and Cost

    Read the GCC description and choose carefully. Course fees are not refundable.

    • Up to 20 members plus their group coordinator can register as a group.
    • The group coordinator (or the Region GCC Chairman) downloads the registration form(available in the GCC Documents tab below). To request a paper copy sends a self-addressed, stamped envelope to EGA National Headquarters with a note requesting the form.
    • The group coordinator (or the Region GCC Chairman) sends the following to EGA National Headquarters:
      • The completed registration form
      • A list of participants with membership numbers
      • A check to cover the course and the text fees.  Please note: checks must be drawn from the chapter or region treasury.  Only members-at-large or independent groups may send personal checks.  Please contact EGA National Headquarters to pay by credit card.
    • EGA National Headquarters notifies the teacher of your registration. The teacher then contacts the group coordinator and sends the course texts and introductory materials to the group coordinator.
    • The group coordinator schedules the necessary number of meetings. When deciding on the date for the first meeting, allow time for processing your registration and text delivery. The date for your first meeting should be at least six weeks after EGA National Headquarters receives your completed registration form and check.
    • When all the paperwork is complete and you receive your texts, begin the fun, the learning, and the stitching.

    The course, text, and approximate supply costs are listed with each of the course descriptions. The course fee is shared equally by participants, excluding the group coordinator. Each participant, including the group coordinator, purchases a text and supplies.

    If a region sponsors a GCC, the Region GCC Chairman is not required to be a participant, unless that conflicts with that region’s policies.

  • Completing the GCC

    • When your group completes the GCC, the group coordinator must send your projects to the teacher within 30 days of the scheduled deadline, unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher.  If the deadline is not met, the group forfeits the privilege of having its projects evaluated by the teacher.  Specific instruction about shipping GCC pieces to teacher who live outside the USA are included in the text.
    • The group coordinator must enclose return postage and insurance when sending the projects to the teacher for evaluation. If postage is not included, the teacher will contact the group coordinator to resolve the issue.
    • For chapters or regions participating in a GCC, the chapter or region name must appear on all correspondence and on each project sent for evaluation.
    • When the group coordinator receives the evaluated projects from the teacher, the group coordinator and each student complete the appropriate course evaluation forms.  Mail or email one copy to the teacher and one copy to the GCC Chairman.
  • GCC Documents and more information

    GCC Registration Paperwork

    GCC Thread Colors

    Pilot Stitcher Application

    Prospective GCC Teacher Application

    For more information about Group Correspondence Courses, please contact GCC chair Judith Herrick.

  • GCC Lightning Rounds

    GCC Lightning Rounds are three-four rotating courses that are offered quarterly for all EGA members to register for without a group. This is particularly favorable for Members-At-Large and small EGA chapters that have difficulty filling a larger group in order to take a Group Correspondence Course.

    The registration schedule for these quarterly courses is as follows: March to May, June to August, September to November, and December to February. The time to complete your course remains the same – just the window for registration is limited. Learn more and see the current courses on the link below.

  • GCC: Encore

    GCC: Encores  are courses that were first taught at our seminars at least five years ago and have been rewritten for EGA’s Education Department as group correspondence courses. Encores will bridge the gap for members who weren’t able to take these classes at national or region seminars.

    These courses work just like regular GCCs and will be offered as Lightning Rounds in the future.