Help your communities with needlework outreach

Outreach events are EGA-sponsored activities that benefit the communities around our chapters.Please report Outreach and Stitch-in-Public activities to your Region Outreach Chairmen or Region Director using this reporting form. If you have questions regarding Outreach please email

Region Outreach Chair

Annually, the twelve Region Outreach chairs will report outreach activities for their region to the National Outreach chairs no later than mid-January. Region reports will cover activities conducted in their region during the entire prior calendar year. Reporting format may be determined by the Region Outreach chairs but should include all activities for all chapters within the region.

Chapter Outreach Chair

Chapter Outreach chairs should submit Stitch in Public reports as well as reports about ongoing outreach activities to their Region Outreach chair. For Region chairs contact information, consult your region website or Region Director.

Outreach Activities

  • Stitch in Public Day

    EGA celebrates needle arts by hosting a Stitch-In-Public Day in February each year. The primary focus of Stitching-In-Public is to share our passion for needle arts with the public by demonstrating our talents. Many chapters host their own Stitch-In-Public days throughout the year at major book stores, coffee shops, libraries, museums and other locations where EGA members can share our love of needle arts with non-members.

    Posters and other local advertising can help your chapter host a successful event. The poster below can be used as a tool for promotion and you can easily update it with your chapter’s information.

    Report your Stitch In Public events to your Regional Outreach chairman using this form (click here).

  • Teaching Needle Arts

    Teaching needle arts is one of the more rewarding Outreach activities a chapter can engage in. Passing along needlework skills to future generations ensures the longevity of our art form.

    For potential teaching outreach opportunities, chapters may wish to contact the following:

    • Boys and Girls Club of America
    • Girl and Boy Scouts of America
    • Youth Department of local public libraries
    • Retirement Communities
    • Local museums of art

    Use the documents below to assist with your teaching:

    Adult Stitching Series: An Outreach and Marketing Tool for Chapters

    Teaching our Youth Stitching

    Summer Stitching Day Camp – Lesson Plan Example

    Membership Resource Guide: Reach out, Recruit & Retain

  • Habitat for Humanity

    For many years, EGA has been proud to provide personalized, hand stitched needlework samplers to new Habitat for Humanity homeowners across the country.  Chapters may create their own samplers for Habitat presentations or use the charts provided below.

  • Exhibits

    Exhibiting needle art in the community is a time for EGA to shine! It gives the general public a glimpse of the art EGA members create, and it gives members an opportunity to inspire and be inspired by the artwork of other embroiderers.

    Exhibits may include holiday displays in public areas like bank lobbies and libraries, formal judged shows, and informal exhibits at fairs, festivals, cultural centers and shopping malls.

  • Supporting other nonprofits

    EGA chapters proudly support community non-profit organizations based on current needs and the will of each chapter.

    Some examples include providing Make-A-Wish Foundation with personalized medallions for presentation teddy bears; providing local hospitals with cancer caps, colorful pillowcases for pediatric patients, and fundraising items such as fully decorated holiday trees.

    For added inspiration, check out:

  • Bookmarks for literacy

    For many consecutive years, EGA chapters have supported school and library youth reading initiatives as well as adult literacy programs by providing stitched bookmarks to help encourage and reward readers’ accomplishments.

    Chapters coordinate bookmark donations directly with schools, libraries or independent reading programs in their communities.

  • Let us know what your chapter is doing!

    We would love to know of any outreach activities your chapter or region is taking part in. Please use the forms below to share and report your outreach activities.

    Please report Outreach and Stitch-in-Public activities to your Region Outreach Chairmen or Region Director.

    If you have questions regarding Outreach please contact