A Basic Study of Schwalm Embroidery with Barbara M. Kershaw

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A Basic Study of Schwalm Embroidery

An introduction to Schwalm Embroidery

Our Individual Correspondence Course A Basic Study of Schwalm Embroidery introduces the student to the beautiful style of whitework from Germany known as Schwalm Embroidery. As the Schwalm River flows from ancient sources the student will learn of symbolism, tradition, and their evolution that brings about this charming needlework.

This in-depth study will cover some of the history and the basic skills needed for this technique. As students create the samples for their reference binder, they will become familiar with the basic surface stitches such as coral knots and chain stitch. The cutting of threads combined with filling and composite filling stitches will develop lovely patterns to which the student will add fancy borders and hems for the perfect finishing touch.

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  • Class Details

    Time: Six months
    Class fee: $110
    Text fee:
    $35 PDF; $45 Hard Copy
    Supplies (approximate): $50
    Format: Written instructions, communication through email and phone.
    ICC Pin Thread Color: DMC #712

  • A Basic Study of Schwalm Embroidery Lessons

    Lesson 1. Historical background, supplies, and equipment. How to set up the reference binder, design elements and basic surface stitches.
    Lesson 2. Cutting and withdrawing of threads, filling stitches and composite filling stitches, and designing the final project.
    Lesson 3. Simple borders, hems and hemstitching and completion of the final project

  • About teacher Barbara Kershaw

    Barbara M. Kershaw has a passion for learning and sharing her knowledge of the many varied and wonderful forms of embroidery generally called whitework. She has taken many courses and classes from the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada (EAC), Embroiderers’ Guild of America (EGA), and the American Needlepoint Guild (ANG). Barbara is certified as an EGA Master Craftsman in counted thread. She also studied in Germany at the Museum de Schwalm in 2005 and 2011. She has been teaching for over 20 years at various EAC national seminars, EGA national and regional seminars, guilds in Canada, America and Bermuda as well as two International Teaching Tours of the USA. Barbara is the author of two EGA Group Correspondence Courses – Noel and Mythical Myrtle and Individual Correspondence Course Basic Study of Schwalm Embroidery. Her book Exquisite Schwalm focuses on Schwalm filling stitches.

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