Frequently Asked Questions

  • A business [or other organization] wants to put our members on its mailing list. Can we provide them with our membership list or email addresses?

    Members can't profit from Membership

    No. However, it is okay to let members know of the offer so those who want to provide the information voluntarily may do so at their own initiative.

  • A local organization wants to invite our chapter members to a program. Can we provide them with our membership list or email addresses for mailing purposes or provide mailing labels?

    Members can't profit from Membership

    No. EGA membership lists can be used only for EGA purposes. However, you can offer to address the envelopes for them, or to forward the invitation to your members.

  • Are back issues of Needle Arts available?

    Needle Arts

    Yes, available back issues may be purchased here or by calling EGA headquarters.

  • Are there any special provisions?

    Bylaws Information

    Occasionally a chapter or region has a need to address a matter which is not provided for in the sample bylaws. Contact the EGA director of bylaws for assistance. The contact information for the director of bylaws is included in the EGA Who’s Who Directory.

  • Are there restrictions on when the teacher could offer items for sale?

    Members can't profit from Membership

    At chapter or region classes selling should not take place during class. However, before or after class, during a lunch break, or other convenient time is acceptable.

    At National Seminars selling is allowed only at the Merchandise event.

  • Are there specifications regarding articles, photography, and other items to be submitted?

    Needle Arts

    Yes. Submission guidelines can be requested from the embroidery editor, and are also available in the Document Downloads section.

  • Can a chapter have additional elected officer positions, such as vice president(s), membership coordinator, and region representative?

    Chapter Officer Positions

    Yes. A chapter can have as many additional elected officers as desired, but should avoid including a position it is not going to fill.

  • Can a chapter or region do a bylaws review before the scheduled year?

    Bylaws Information

    Yes, if there is a need. For example, if a chapter or region wishes to make several significant changes throughout the document, or perhaps to incorporate a number of amendments which had been made since the current bylaws document was adopted.

  • Can a chapter set up its own scholarship in memory of someone, or for another reason?

    Setting up Scholarships


  • Can a teacher sell merchandise in connection with a program/seminar/workshop?

    Members can't profit from Membership

    Yes, in accordance with established policy/procedures, and as described in any written contract with the teacher.

  • Can anyone sell items at chapter/region meetings or other chapter/region events?

    Members can't profit from Membership

    Yes, but in accordance with policy/procedures that have been established by the chapter or region. If policy/procedures do not address the situation, then the executive committee or board of directors of the chapter or region could make the determination. In the case of a chapter, the members might want to make the decision.

  • Can life members be members-at-large?



  • Can members be reimbursed for expenditures such as kits, materials, supplies, administrative expenses (postage, telephone, copying), and mileage?

    Members can't profit from Membership

    Yes. Reimbursements can be made in accordance with established policies and procedures. Usually the member must complete a form and provide receipts.

  • Can members-at-large be region members?


    No. Per EGA bylaws, it is the chapters which are members of a region. Members-at-large are members who have chosen not to join a chapter.

  • Can members-at-large participate in chapter or region activities?


    Yes, if invited to do so by the chapter or region. Also, chapters welcome visitors to their meetings, allowing individuals to visit for a set number of meetings before being asked to join (the number of meetings varies from chapter to chapter.)

  • Can our bylaws provide for voting without a meeting?

    Bylaws Information

    Yes. Contact the EGA director of bylaws for appropriate language.

  • Can our bylaws provide that individuals may serve unlimited terms in the same office?

    Bylaws Information


  • Can positions be combined?

    Chapter Officer Positions

    Yes, but there must be at least 3 elected positions. To satisfy state laws governing non-profits, the positions of president and secretary should not be combined.

  • Can staff at EGA headquarters tell me when I joined my chapter?


    No. Members’ join dates are not tracked by EGA headquarters.

  • Can the secretary and treasurer be combined as secretary/treasurer?

    Chapter Officer Positions

    Yes, but you will need a president and at least 1 other position to maintain the required minimum number of 3 elected positions.

  • Can we have different terms of office for different positions?

    Bylaws Information


  • Can we provide for voting by proxy or the use of absentee ballots?

    Bylaws Information

    Robert’s Rules of Order strongly recommends against proxy voting or the use of absentee ballots because they limit a member’s right to hear and participate in debates. If your chapter or region feels it has a need for proxy voting or absentee balloting, contact the EGA director of bylaws for appropriate language.

  • Can we report changes of address, telephone number, or email address on the renewal form?


    No. Members can make updates to their address, telephone number, or email address directly on their profile page. After logging in, you can update your information by clicking Edit Contact Information on the left side of your profile, under Account Settings. Chapter members should also make sure their chapter has their updated information.

  • Do I have to be an officer to access the Officer’s Notebook?

    Officer's Notebook

    No. It is available to all members in the Document Downloads section.

  • Do members have to join a chapter?


    No. Members not wishing to join a chapter, may join EGA as a member-at-large.

  • Do regions/chapters have to do charitable outreach to maintain EGA’s non-profit status?


    No. EGA is a non-profit educational organization. Our non-profit status is maintained by providing education at the national, region, and chapter levels.

  • Does it make a difference if the organization is non-profit?

    Members can't profit from Membership


  • Does this mean that members cannot wear political buttons at EGA events?

    Political Guidelines

    No, but members should be careful to avoid actions or statements that could be interpreted as coming from EGA. For example, don’t pin the button to your nametag or EGA signage, no political literature on function tables, and so forth.

  • Doesn’t this conflict with the provision in bylaws which states that members can’t profit from membership in EGA?

    Members can't profit from Membership

    No. Basically that provision means that a member who has a conflict of interest in a matter under consideration should not participate in a decision on such a matter. It is advisable that a member who has a conflict of interest not be present during the discussion and voting. For example, in a situation where a member, or a member’s relative, offers to provide a professional service.

  • How are the members of the board elected?

    EGA Board of Directors

    The 7 officials who constitute the executive committee are elected every 3 years at the EGA Annual Meeting. Each of the region directors is elected by the region’s board of directors.

  • How can I contact Headquarters?


    There are many ways to contact headquarters:

    Contact Form: Link


    Phone Number: 502-589-6956

    By Mail or in Person: 1205 East Washington Street, Suite 104, Louisville, KY, 40206

  • How can I find a certified embroidery teacher, judge, or appraiser?


    Our Locate a Professional page has a list of EGA certified professionals in the embroidery field including certified teachers, certified appraisers and certified judges.

    See the full list here.

  • How can we update our Chapter’s information?

    Chapter Questions, Website

    Most of the information for chapters on the Chapter Map was taken from Region websites. If any of your chapter’s information needs to be updated on this website please email with all the changes needed.

  • How do I change my password?


    If you would like to update your password, or change the auto-generated password provided by EGA, you can do that here:

    Note: You will need to be logged in to update your password. 

  • How do I find information regarding membership, recruiting, rules to operate chapters and similar information?

    Chapter Questions

    EGA has Policies & Procedures along with a number of helpful forms and informational material. All of this information is on the website. We are currently reorganizing the Policies, Procedures and the Ancillary (related) documents to facilitate finding material through using the website’s “search” feature. We hope the reorganization of the Policies, Procedures, informational material and forms will be completed by the end of 2018. Meanwhile, refer to the Index to the Polices & Procedures for the mandatory policies pertaining to chapters, regions and the national organization. The other manuals and documents currently on the website (soon to be consolidated as Ancillary Documents) contain informational material, forms and other useful information. You can find these documents in the Document Downloads page after logging into the website.

  • How do I go about donating money to EGA?

    Donating to EGA

    Click the Give button on the top of the page.

  • How do I know that it will be used best?

    Donating to EGA

    When making your donation, specify if you want it designated for a particular purpose, and that is what it will be used for.

    The national organization has a number of restricted funds to which you may donate if you wish.

  • How do I submit an event?


    EGA Events

    We want to have all regional seminars and as many region and chapter events as possible on our Events Page. This will help us keep members informed of all the options available to them and also let stitchers everywhere know that we are a community with plenty of stitching opportunities.

    If your EGA events are not on the page yet, we would love to post them! You can submit an event in our Contact Us page by choosing the Events topic.  You can also send the information by email to

    Here’s the information that we will need in order to post your event:

    Name of event:
    Logo: When available.
    Link: A link to more information if available (example: region website).
    Document: If a brochure or document with more information is available.

    Please include any other relevant information that you would like people to know.

    Non-EGA Events

    To submit a non-EGA embroidery-related event for consideration, please use our Contact Us form and choose the Events topic.

  • How does a chapter establish its elected officer positions?

    Chapter Officer Positions

    The elected officer positions are established by the chapter’s bylaws.

  • How is a meeting managed in the absence of the president, vice president, and secretary?

    Parliamentary Questions

    Any member may call the meeting to order, and then a temporary chair would be agreed upon by the members, either by vote or by general consent.

  • How often must a chapter or region do a bylaws review?

    Bylaws Information

    At least every 10 years, each region, and all chapters within the region, must review bylaws according to the following schedule. When the review of a region’s and chapters’ bylaws are completed, their next required review is scheduled 10 years into the future.

    Carolinas Region – 2018
    Greater Pacific Region – 2018
    Great Lakes Region – 2019
    Heartland Region – 2020
    Metropolitan Region – 2021
    Mid-Atlantic Region – 2022
    Mid-Eastern Region – 2023
    New England Region – 2023
    Pacific Southwest Region – 2024

  • I don’t know or have forgotten my membership number. How can I find this information?


    You may check your membership card, check the mailing label of Needle Arts, contact your chapter’s membership officer, or contact EGA headquarters.

  • I have lost my membership card. Can I get a replacement?


    Yes, contact your chapter’s membership officer. If you are a member at large, contact EGA headquarters.

  • I have recently joined EGA, when will I receive membership information?


    A new member packet will be mailed to you within two weeks of receipt of your dues at EGA headquarters.

  • I haven’t received my Needle Arts magazine. What should I do?

    Membership, Needle Arts

    Needle Arts is the official magazine of The Embroiderers’ Guild of America. Needle Arts is published four times a year for EGA members and contains designer profiles, projects, articles, and a calendar of events.

    If you are an EGA member and are having trouble receiving your Needle Arts magazines, let us know here.

  • I need help logging in. What do I do?


    Login information including passwords were sent to all members with email addresses in the national database. If you didn’t receive your password the first step you can take is to go here:, enter your email address under Forgot Your Password? and press Send Password. You should then receive your password in a couple of minutes.

    If after following that step you don’t receive their password it is most likely because we don’t have an email address for you or have an old one. If this is your case, please email and he can make sure your correct email is in the system and will provide you with your login information.

    Note: On the new website, your username will be your email address, not your member number. And your password for the old website won’t work since we are using a new, more secure system.

  • If a bylaws review is done early, will this change the date of the next required review?

    Bylaws Information

    No. To make it fair to all, the 10-year schedule was set on a region by region basis so that any one year is not inundated with bylaws to review. Depending on the number of years remaining until the scheduled year, the EGA director of bylaws may be willing to extend it by 10 years. For example, if the scheduled year is 2017 and the chapter’s bylaws review is completed in 2016, the director of bylaws may be willing to extend the deadline for to 2027. If the bylaws for a region is completed early, the extension, if any, would apply only to the region bylaws and not the chapters in the region.

  • If a membership has lapsed and the member rejoins, will she or he keep the same membership id number?


    Yes, in most cases.

  • Is it necessary to set up a separate bank account?

    Setting up Scholarships

    No. It could be part of the annual budget. That is, the chapter can budget a certain amount for scholarships in one year. Accounting should be maintained so that the amount of scholarship(s) awarded in one year does not exceed the amount budgeted. Chapter members, or its board of directors, could approve going over budget.

  • Is it okay for a chapter or region to establish a policy prohibiting the wearing of political buttons at the chapter’s or region’s event?

    Political Guidelines


  • Is it okay to pay members for their services?

    Members can't profit from Membership

    Yes. Bylaws provide that national, a region, or a chapter may “…contract with individual members in their professional capacities.”

  • Is it permissible for EGA chapters to meet in needlework shops?

    Chapter Questions

    Meeting in local businesses, including local needlework shops, is permissible. If a chapter is in an area with competing needlework shops, it should strive to avoid favoritism. For instance, if two local shops are suitable and willing to host meetings or workshops, both should be given the opportunity.

  • Is it permissible for EGA, chapters, or regions to support or oppose candidates running for office?

    Political Guidelines

    No. EGA’s nonprofit status prevents EGA, including chapters and regions, from supporting or opposing candidates running for office.

  • Is it possible to amend bylaws?

    Bylaws Information


  • Is the business portion of a regularly scheduled meeting necessary?

    Parliamentary Questions

    Yes, if a quorum is present. According to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (commonly called “Robert’s Rules”), regular meetings mean the “periodic business meetings” of an organization so it would follow that the business portion is necessary. However, members could decide to shorten a particular meeting by general consent or by a specific motion on the day of the meeting. Under general consent the presiding officer would call the meeting to order and then say something like “If there is no objection, we will dispense with the business meeting today and adjourn.”

    If the meeting section of your bylaws includes a clause which reads something like “…unless otherwise ordered by the membership or the board of directors,” the membership/board of directors could vote to dispense with a business meeting that is scheduled for a particular date. For example, if a regular meeting is scheduled for March 2016, you could vote not to have the business meeting that day, but you could not vote to dispense with all March meetings except by changing the bylaws.

  • Is there a EGA bylaws template to follow?

    Bylaws Information

    EGA has established sample chapter and region bylaws to provide a template for consistent construction based on requirements of EGA and Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. Certain provisions are mandated and must be included in all bylaws.

  • Is there a selection process for membership?


    No. Members may not be selected by any voting process or examination of their qualifications at embroidery, etc.

  • May project instructions from Needle Arts be used for teaching at a chapter or region sponsored outreach program?

    Needle Arts

    No. The projects are for the use of EGA members.

  • May we make the instructions available to non-members who are attending a chapter program as visitors?

    Needle Arts

    The non-members could use the instructions during the program but would not be able to keep them.

  • May we reproduce project instructions from Needle Arts for use with a chapter program?

    Needle Arts

    Yes, if it is a program scheduled for chapter members.

  • My chapter’s 10-year bylaws review is coming up soon. If we want to change the officer positions, can we do it as part of the review?

    Chapter Officer Positions


  • My password doesn’t work. What should I do?


    If you are an EGA member and haven’t received your password in your email: Visit and enter your email address under Forgot Your Password? and press Send Password. You should then receive your password in your email inbox.

    If after following those instructions you don’t receive their password, chances are we don’t have your most current email in our database. If this is the case, please email me so we can make sure your account is updated and we can send you your new login information.

    Note: On the new website, your username will be your email address, not your member number. And your password for the old website won’t work since we are using a new system.

  • Our region requires that the region representative be an elected position, and our chapter wants to have only 3 elected officers. Can the position of region representative be listed instead of one of the 3 required positions?

    Chapter Officer Positions

    No. But you could combine positions. For example, add region representative and combine secretary/treasurer or president/treasurer. Or combine region representative with 1 of the 3 required positions to be president/region representative, secretary/region representative, or treasurer/region representative.

  • Should a chapter want to make changes to its officer positions, what is the procedure?

    Chapter Officer Positions

    This is accomplished through an amendment to the bylaws. The proposed amendment should be submitted to the chapter/region bylaws review chair for approval before it is voted on by the chapter members. Instructions and an amendment template are available in the Document Downloads section.

  • Should EGA chapters or regions file tax returns with the IRS?

    Tax Filings and Letters/Notices from IRS

    No. EGA files a tax return, known as Form 990, which covers the national organization and all regions and chapters.

  • Should the bylaws be reviewed by an EGA official before being presented to chapter membership or region board for approval?

    Bylaws Information

    Yes. The EGA chapter/regions bylaws review chair will review the document and advise you of any changes that might be needed to address conflicts between provisions and to assure the inclusion of all mandatory provisions.

    The contact information for the chapter/region bylaws review chair is provided in the bylaws instructions as well as the EGA Who’s Who Directory. The documents are available in the Document Downloads section.

  • The back issue I am looking for is not available for purchase, may I request a copy of an article?

    Needle Arts

    Yes, in most cases. Contact EGA headquarters to check availability of the article, delivery options, and possible mailing costs.

  • The IRS has notified us that we haven’t filed a Form 990/990EZ or 990-N. What should we do?

    Tax Filings and Letters/Notices from IRS

    1. Complete the form as follows.

    a. Do not check or complete any items under number 1 on page 3.

    b. Check the box on page 4 for the sentence that begins “My organization is a subordinate organization…” and fill in the blanks as follows:

    Name: The Embroiderers’ Guild of America Local and Regional Chapters

    EIN: 51-0201050.

    c. Check “Other reason for not filing” on page 4, and for the explanation state “Filing deadline for EIN 51-0201050 was extended.”

    d. Sign and date under item 2, remembering to include the title of the person signing the form.

    2. Keep a copy of the completed form for your chapter records and mail or email a copy to EGA headquarters.

    3. Mail the original to the IRS.

  • We already sent in our payment. It isn’t May 31 yet, but someone has decided to renew and wasn’t included in that payment. May we send in another payment?


    Yes. Be sure to include the member’s name and id number with the payment.

  • We don’t know a member’s membership number, what should we do?


    Ask the member. If the member hasn’t received it, contact EGA headquarters.

  • We have a member who can’t be reached and we won’t be able to find out if she wants to renew until after the May 31 deadline. What do we do?


    You should make payment to cover only those members who have renewed. No refunds will be issued.

  • We have a member who joined in the first quarter of the year, and paid the prorated dues. She wasn’t on this year’s renewal list sent from headquarters. How should we handle her renewal?


    Add her name and membership number to the list, and include her in your chapter payment.

  • We have a new member who just joined and we haven’t sent their payment in yet. Can we include them with the renewal payment?


    Information and dues for new members should be sent to the EGA membership coordinator immediately after they join.

    If a member joins within a few days before you send in your renewal payment and report, it would be okay to include her in your check; however, do remember to complete the new member form for that person.

  • We have received a letter/notice from the IRS which we do not know how to handle. What should we do?

    Tax Filings and Letters/Notices from IRS

    Immediately send it to EGA headquarters for handling.

  • We have received another notice stating “You didn’t file a Form 990/990EZ or 990-N.” What should we do?

    Tax Filings and Letters/Notices from IRS

    Immediately send the notice to EGA headquarters for handling.

  • We sent in our payment postmarked May 31. We have a member who has since decided she wants to renew, but our payment didn’t include her. What can be done?


    Send her full year’s dues payment and membership number as soon as possible to EGA headquarters.

  • What about setting up a reserve fund for accounting purposes?

    Setting up Scholarships

    Not required, but can be done. The board of directors or chapter members would need to vote to set it up, and it would be necessary to track the incoming and outgoing amounts. Since a reserve fund would be part of the chapter’s financial assets, it would still be necessary to budget for the payment.

  • What are bylaws?

    Bylaws Information

    The bylaws of an organization define the rules by which the organization operates. Bylaws:

    Contain essential provisions of an organization relating to its name, object, members, officers, and meetings.
    Classify members’ rights and privileges.
    State the degree of control the membership has over the actions of the board and what functions the board can pursue independently or in the name of the organization.
    Define additional fiscal details and outline the procedure for instituting amendments.

  • What are some of the other non-mandated provisions?

    Bylaws Information

    Non-mandated provisions include those addressing additional officer positions, meeting quorums, standing committees, timing and frequency of chapter and board meetings, makeup of the nominating committee, how to fill an officer vacancy, when officer elections take place. These are all matters that are specific to each region and chapter.

  • What are the date and location of the EGA Annual Meeting?

    EGA Annual Meetings

    The annual meeting is held in conjunction with the national seminar; the dates of each national seminar is advertised in Needle Arts, on the website and in e-News. The exact date and time are published in the seminar brochure.

  • What are the due dates for submitting articles, photographs, and other items to Needle Arts?

    Needle Arts

    February 1 for June issue

    May 1 for September issue

    July 25 for December issue

    November 1 for March issue

  • What are the minimum officer positions required for a chapter?

    Chapter Officer Positions

    The 3 positions of president, secretary, and treasurer.

  • What are the prorated national dues amounts for new members?


    Join Date Percentage of Annual Dues
    January 1 – March 31 25%
    April 1 – June 30 100%
    July 1 – September 30 75%
    October 1 – December 31 50%

  • What constitutes a member in good standing?


    Members in good standing are those whose membership dues are up to date.

  • What does the new member packet include?


    The packet includes a membership card, website log-in information, Needle Arts magazine, and an Education Catalog.

  • What happens if a chapter payment is postmarked after May 31?


    Late receipt of dues payments may result in missed or delayed issues of Needle Arts, or may affect enrollment in other benefits and services such as the national seminar, educational programs, and online classes.

  • What if the policy/procedures are silent on the matter?

    Members can't profit from Membership

    The executive committee or board of directors of the chapter or region could make the decision for each particular event. In the case of a chapter, the question might be put to the membership or maybe just to those participating in the event.

  • What if there is no contract, or the contract is silent on the matter?

    Members can't profit from Membership

    The chapter or region’s policy/procedures would govern.

  • What if we are co-sponsoring an event with another organization? Can we provide our membership list or email addresses to that organization for mailing?

    Members can't profit from Membership

    No, as stated above.

  • What is “general consent?”

    Parliamentary Questions

    This is a time saving step which can be used by the presiding officer when there seems to be no opposition in routine business or on uncontroversial matters. Also known as “unanimous consent,” “general consent” can be used as long as you have a quorum and do not violate a ByLaw. The presiding officer states, “If there is no objection [ ] is adopted [or approved, etc.].”

  • What is a quorum?

    Parliamentary Questions

    A quorum is the minimum number of voting members who must be present at a properly called meeting in order to conduct business in the name of the chapter or region, board of directors, etc.

  • What is involved in a “bylaws review?”

    Bylaws Information

    Each chapter and region is required to review its bylaws to assure the document is up to date and to submit a new document for approval. It is a fairly easy process.

    The current document is updated to reflect amendments, if any, which had been approved. It is then compared to the “sample bylaws” to make sure that all mandated provisions are included. Non-mandated provisions are reviewed to determine whether the chapter or region needs to make changes.

    It may be helpful to assign the review to one person, or a small committee. The chapter/regions bylaws review chair and the EGA director of bylaws are available to answer questions.

    See the “annotated sample bylaws,” bylaws checklist, and instructions available in the Document Downloads section for further information. A “working copy” of the sample bylaws is available in Word format.

  • What is meant by “professional capacity?”

    Members can't profit from Membership

    This is a wide-ranging term which includes the types of services that could be provided by a member.

    Examples include but are not limited to: teaching, needlework/craft/fiber arts materials and supplies, printing/copying, framing, quilt shop, bead shop, public relations, consulting, legal, accounting.

  • What is my Profile page for?


    After logging in, you will be taken to your personal Profile page. If you visit another page of our website, you can always go back to your profile page  by clicking Profile on the top right corner of the screen.

    These are some of the things you can do on your Profile:

    Update your contact information and password: This can be done by clicking Edit Contact Information on the left sidebar of your Profile. When you edit your information there, this will automatically update it in our records at headquarters.

    Access Members-only information: Petite Projects and Document Downloads can now be found on the left sidebar of your Profile.

    Connect and communicate with other EGA members: To see other members click here or click View Member Directory on the left sidebar of your Profile. You can become someone’s friend on the Members Directory page or by visiting their profile and clicking Add Friend under their Profile Photo.

    Join and participate in Embroidery groups: To see the groups available, click here or click View Group Directory on the left sidebar of your Profile.

    Share your Embroidery with others: On your Profile you can post text, images and links to share with your friends.

  • What is parliamentary procedure?

    Parliamentary Questions

    It is a set of rules for conduct at meetings that allows everyone to be heard and to make decisions without confusion. Most organizations from Congress to EGA use the rules set forth in “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (commonly called “Robert’s Rules”)”.

  • What is the approval process?

    Bylaws Information

    A chapter must have its bylaws, and amendments, approved by the chapter membership. In the case of a region, it is the region board of directors which has the authority to adopt or amend the region bylaws.

    A 2/3 vote infavor is required after a 30 days’ written notice in advance of the meeting at which the bylaws will be voted on. A quorum must be present at the meeting.

  • What is the EGA membership year for chapter members?


    EGA policy does not define “membership year.”

  • What is the parliamentary authority for EGA?

    Parliamentary Questions

    The parliamentary authority for all of EGA is the current edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (commonly called “Robert’s Rules”)”. EGA national, region, and chapter bylaws are written in such a way that as a new edition of Robert’s Rules is published, it automatically replaces the previous edition as EGA’s parliamentary authority. This book is now in its 11th edition.

    While there are many books available with “Robert’s Rules” in the title, be aware that only the 2011 editions of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, published by Da Capo Press, are the current, official versions. Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief may be useful as a supplementary reference. The official RONR website may also be helpful.

  • What is the process for forming a new chapter?

    Chapter Questions

    We are always looking for stitchers interested in starting a new chapter with a group of fellow stitchers. You can learn more about the process in the Guidelines for Chapter Formation document.

  • What is the process to amend bylaws?

    Bylaws Information

    It is similar to that for a “bylaws review.” For additional information, see the amendment template and instructions available in the Document Downloads section.

  • What is the purpose of Stitch in Public Day?

    Stitch in Public Day

    The purpose of Stitch in Public Day is to promote EGA and embroidery. Embroidery is labeled as a needlework craft and involves a range of stitching from simple hand stitching to high tech computerized stitching. Most American consumers do not realize the magnitude of the art or the skill involved with embroidery.

  • What is the purpose of the mandated text?

    Bylaws Information

    Some of the mandated text is required by IRS regulations or state law. Other provisions are required because they have been approved by the EGA national board of directors.

  • What is the significance of not having a quorum?

    Parliamentary Questions

    No business can be transacted, including voting on motions and approving minutes. Reports can be heard and members can engage in general discussion. The presiding officer could call the meeting to order and then adjourn after the secretary announces that a quorum isn’t present.

  • What kinds of activities and events constitute outreach?


    Visit the Outreach section at the bottom of the page for more information.

  • What recordkeeping or other formalities should we observe?

    Setting up Scholarships

    The scholarship guidelines should be in writing, and approved by chapter members.
    The scholarship should be open to all chapter members.
    It is best to establish a committee of more than one person to decide who will receive the scholarship.

  • What should be included in the advance written notice?

    Bylaws Information

    A complete copy of the bylaws and an explanation of, and rationale, for any changes.

  • What should be included in the guidelines?

    Setting up Scholarships

    Purpose of the scholarship.
    Statement that all members are eligible.
    Other conditions to be met, if any.
    Who is responsible for determining the recipient; that is, the members of the committee.
    Procedure and deadline for applying.
    Frequency and number of awards.
    Amount to be awarded.
    Deadline by which the committee will determine the award.
    Date on which the award will be announced.

  • What should I do if an issue doesn’t arrive?

    Needle Arts

    If you have not received your magazine by the end of the month, contact headquarters to request a replacement copy.

  • What should we do after the bylaws are approved by the chapter membership/region board?

    Bylaws Information

    The president, or region director if region, signs and dates several copies of the document. The date should be the date the document is approved by the membership/region board. See bylaws checklist and instructions available in the Document Downloads section for further information.

  • What’s the copyright on the content of this site?


    No part of this website may be published, reproduced, stored in, or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means whatsoever (including electronic, mechanical, photocopy) other than for personal or chapter/region use without written permission from the copyright holder.

  • When and where does the EGA board of directors meet?

    EGA Board of Directors

    The EGA board of directors meets at least twice a year: in the spring at headquarters and in conjunction with the national seminar.

  • When are annual membership renewals due?


    Annual chapter renewal paperwork and payment must be postmarked no later than May 31.

  • When is annual chapter renewal paperwork sent from headquarters?


    The paperwork, which includes the renewal worksheet and a chapter membership list, is mailed to the chapter membership chairs/officers in late March.

  • When is Stitch in Public Day?

    Stitch in Public Day

    The first Saturday of February was chosen as EGA’s national Stitch in Public day to coincide with National Embroidery Month.

    For those chapters who may not be able to participate in February, any day you choose to stitch in a public places helps us get the word out about EGA and its mission.

  • When should I expect to receive each issue of Needle Arts?

    Needle Arts

    You should receive your Needle Arts within the first two weeks of March, June, September, and December.

  • When should the new member’s dues be paid to national?


    Dues for new members should be paid immediately after joining. Please remember to include a completed new member form for that person.

  • Where can I find bylaws documents?

    Bylaws Information, Website

    All documents pertaining chapter and region bylaws including templates, working copies and more can be found in Document Downloads under the Bylaws category.

  • Where can I find chapters in my area?

    Chapter Questions

    Click on Find a Chapter on the top of the page.

  • Where can I find Document Downloads?


    Document Downloads is a members-only section that includes EGA documentation regarding a wide variety of topics ranging from our Who’s Who Directory, Bylaws, chapter and region documents and forms to Marketing and Branding resources.

    Once you are logged in to the website, you will see Document Downloads on the left side of your profile, under Members Only. If you can’t see Document Downloads and Petite Projects, please Contact us to make sure you have proper access.

    The new Document Downloads section has easy to access categories and its own search bar to help you find the documents you are looking for.

  • Where can I find Extended Study Programs?


    Extended Study Programs can be found in the Events section.

  • Where can I find GCC and ICC Documents?


    Registration Paper work, Thread Colors and Pilot Stitcher application for Group Correspondence Courses can be found on the GCC page, under GCC Documents and more information.

    Registration Paper work, Thread Colors and Pilot Stitcher application for Individual Correspondence Courses can be found on the ICC page, under ICC Documents and more information.

  • Where can I find information about EGA Scholarships and Awards?


    EGA offers scholarships and awards to encourage study and excellence in needlework.

    If you are looking for information about the Gold Thread Award, Bobbie Pilling Award or any other Scholarship & Awards information, you can find Scholarships & Awards in the Resources section, or by clicking here.

  • Where can I find minutes of the EGA Annual Meeting?

    EGA Annual Meetings

    Minutes are available to all members in the Document Downloads section, or by requesting a hard copy from headquarters.

  • Where can I find out more about Online Chapters?

    Chapter Questions, Membership, Website

    There are three ways to become a member of EGA: through a local chapter, as a member-at-large, or with an online chapter.

    You can find our 3 online chapters by searching for ‘online’ on the Find a Chapter page.

  • Where can I find Petite Projects?


    Petite Projects is a collection of over 60 beautiful projects in a wide-range of techniques made available as a benefit to EGA members.

    Once you are logged in to the website, you will see Petite Projects on the left side of your profile, under Members Only.

    If you are interested in getting access to the Petite Projects, you can learn more about becoming an EGA Member here.

  • Where can I find resources for promoting Stitch in Public Day?

    Stitch in Public Day

    Visit the Outreach section at the bottom of the page for more information. Also, you can request a supply of membership brochures from headquarters.

  • Where can I find the Glossary of Terms?


    The Glossary of Terms is the work of many members of EGA. They have given of their time and knowledge to create a serious work comprised of usable definitions of terms used in the field of needlework.

    You can find the Glossary of Terms in the Resources page.

  • Where can I find the library?


    The Dorothy Babcock Memorial Library consists of a lending library of more than 2000 needlework books and a non-circulating reference section of rare and historic materials. Members are welcome to borrow up to four books at a time for a period of 30 days. Books are shipped via USPS Media Mail and borrowers are responsible for shipping and handling.

    You can find the Library in the Resources section, or by clicking here.

  • Where can I find the Master Craftsman programs?


    The aim of the Master Craftsman programs is to reward those who demonstrate mastery of a technique, enabling them to reach excellence in needlework.

    A link to the Master Craftsman Programs can be found in the Get Certified section, or by clicking here.

  • Where can I obtain a copy of the minutes of the national board of directors?

    EGA Board of Directors

    Board minutes are available to all members in the Document Downloads section, or by requesting a hard copy from headquarters.

  • Where should I send suggestions for articles?

    Needle Arts

    Please direct them to The editor welcomes your suggestions and recommendations for writers.

  • Who are the members of the EGA board of directors?

    EGA Board of Directors

    The 20-member board of directors consist of the 7 nationally-elected officals (who constitute the executive committee) and a director from each of the 13 regions.

  • Who can attend the Annual Meeting?

    EGA Annual Meetings

    Anyone may attend.

  • Why is it necessary to have that provision in bylaws?

    Members can't profit from Membership

    Federal and state laws provide that non-profit organizations cannot be operated to benefit private interests.

  • Why is parliamentary procedure Important?

    Parliamentary Questions

    Because it’s a time tested method of conducting business at meetings and public gatherings. It can be adapted to fit the needs of any organization.

  • Why is the minimum number of elected officers set at 3?

    Chapter Officer Positions

    That is the minimum number that will satisfy all state laws and IRS requirements for non-profit organizations.