Perfectly Counted Crosses with Carolyn Standing Webb

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Perfectly Counted Crosses

On our Group Correspondence Course Perfectly Counted Crosses you will learn how to create a sampler that will dazzle those who see it with perfectly executed crossed stitches.

All of us want to have pieces of needlework that we have created be admired by our friends without us explaining why the embroidery is not as good as they think it is. This course was designed for those who want to move their stitching from basic to the next level.

Perfectly Counted Crosses features about 30 pages of reference material with information about thread, fabric, needles, scissors, Assisi and more. You will create a notebook of sample stitches so that you can practice a variety of crossed stitches including cross over one, long arm cross, and alternating double backstitch. Five different marking crosses are explained so that you can learn to stitch them in your embroidery.

The final part of your journey is creating a sampler. It can be stitched in the colors and pattern given but you are encouraged to choose your own colors and make it uniquely your own. You will do this by changing the bands of the sampler. You can use some of those provided or bring some of your favorites from other samplers to add to your design.

Perfectly Counted Crosses information

Type of project: Notebook and Sampler
Size of sampler: Depends on the ground chosen, on 28 count design are approx.. 7 x 14 inches
Colors: Students choice of colors, guidance given to help choose
Supplies used: Linen and stranded cotton for sampler and paper for the notebook
Skill level: Beginner but all levels can benefit from the information
Prerequisites: None
Timeline: 6 months
Text price: $45 for 65 pages, includes color pages of sampler and stitch diagrams
Estimated supply cost: $30 for cotton, linen and paper
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About teacher Carolyn Standing Webb

Carolyn Standing Webb of Salt Lake City, Utah, has a degree in education but finds needlework much more rewarding to teach. She grew up in a home where art was a part of everyday life and creativity was encouraged. An EGA member of our Wasatch, Salt Lake City Chapter, she has been a needlework designer and teacher for over twenty years, teaching on the local, regional and national levels. She has a line of patterns available in retail stores. Several pieces of her work have been published in books and magazines and she has won a number of prizes for her needlework. She has her Master Craftsman in Counted Thread. Her goal is to share with her students her love of needlework and to help them relax and enjoy it.

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