Master Craftsman: Color for Needlework


Step 1: Color symbolism: An essay on color symbolism in various cultures and two stitched pieces demonstrating traditional and nontraditional color harmony.

Step 2: Value and intensity: An essay on value and intensity and two stitched examples using a common design and the same hues, thread types, and stitches, but different value keys.

Step 3: Contrast: An essay on different types of contrast, and a single stitched piece illustrating at least two types of contrast.

Step 4: Space: An essay describing how color can illustrate space, accompanied by a stitched piece to illustrate space.

Step 5: Illusions: An essay on how five illusions (transparency, iridescence, luster, luminosity, and optical mixing) can be suggested by using color. One stitched piece representing optical mixing and another demonstrating one of the other illusions.

Step 6: Unity: An essay on color unity and a stitched piece demonstrating mastery of color and its usage.

Judging: February and August

Judging Criteria: The Color for Needlework program differs from other Master Craftsman categories by its very nature. Rather than demonstrating knowledge of a specific needlework technique, the candidate uses the needlework medium to demonstrate knowledge of the color principle or principles being explored.

Contact: Master Craftsman Color for Needlework Chair

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