Master Craftsman: Surface Embroidery


Step 1: Silk ribbon embroidery: an original, adaptation, or combination of motifs creating a bouquet or floral arrangement and an appropriate border.

Step 2: Raised work embroidery: an original, adaptation, or provided design in raised work embroidery as exemplified in seventeenth century and contemporary stumpwork eras.

Step 3: Silk shading: an exact replica of the provided design, an adaptation or an original work, which includes block and directional shading.

Step 4: Brazilian embroidery: an original, adaptation, or provided design which includes at least nine different Brazilian embroidery stitches.

Step 5: Ethnic embroidery: a project created with Chikan, colcha, shisha, Mountmellick, Schwalm, or Casalguidi embroidery with authentic stitches, colors, threads, and fabric. Other ethnic embroideries may be used with permission.

Step 6: A unified, cohesive work incorporating at least three of the first five steps, with other techniques as appropriate.

Judging: March and September

Judging Criteria: Design, color, stitching expertise, suitability of materials, and adherence to specific requirements.

Contact: Master Craftsman Surface Embroidery Chair

Click here to see requirements for Step 1 and pictures of completed pieces