Shimmering Dreams with Mona Hill

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In our Group Correspondence Course Shimmering a Dreams with Mona Hill, ever-larger sparkling squares rotate around a shiny central medallion to finish in a star silhouette. This glorious 10” x 10”composition of metallics, silk threads, and blending filaments explores laying silk, shading, beading and couching techniques, and working layered and composite stitches, (including sprats head and Amadeus hearts). The thorough text contains many diagrams. White congress cloth makes a quiet, sparkling piece; navy congress cloth makes it glowing, and dynamic.

About Shimmering Dreams

Type of project: Picture
Size of project: 10” x 10”
Color choices: lavender and aqua on white or navy. A worksheet is provided for each participant to make color choices.
Supplies used: Congress cloth, Splendor silk or cotton floss, Sparkle Ray, Snow, Kreinik Braid, Accentuate, Sparkle Rays, beads, needles, laying tool, stretcher bars. Participants may choose alternate colors if desired.
Skill level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: ability to read diagrams
Timeline for course: 8 months (Introduction meeting, 6 lessons, wrap-up session)
Text price:$54.00
Estimated supply cost: $45.00 for silk: $27.00 for cotton floss
DMC Floss Number for tassel: 121

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