How do I submit an event?

EGA Events

We want to have all regional seminars and as many region and chapter events as possible on our Events Page. This will help us keep members informed of all the options available to them and also let stitchers everywhere know that we are a community with plenty of stitching opportunities.

If your EGA events are not on the page yet, we would love to add them! You can submit an event in our Contact Us page by choosing the Events topic.  You can also send the information by email to

Here’s the information that we will need in order to post your event:

Name of event:
Logo: When available.
Link: A link to more information if available (example: region website).
Document: If a brochure or document with more information is available.

Please include any other relevant information that you would like people to know.

To have your event featured in Needle Arts please contact

Non-EGA Events

To submit a non-EGA embroidery-related event for consideration, please submit your information using our Contact Us form and choose the Events topic.