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Baby Steps

Work on five Beading techniques!

The Group Correspondence Course, “Baby Steps Toward Master Craftsman in Beading,” was first written for the 2018-2021 EGA President Janet Noble to be a part of her Outreach Program.

There are five beading techniques that must be demonstrated to receive certificates in the Master Craftsman Program in Beading. The five techniques are Square Stitch, Herringbone Stitch, Even Count Peyote Stitch, Bead Embroidery, and Right-Angle Weave. This GCC includes very simplified lessons in the five techniques.

Three of the beaded pieces are typical tools for embroiderers. The pieces are a scissor fob (Herringbone Stitch), a scissor case (Square Stitch and Bead Embroidery), and a needle case (Peyote). The fourth piece is a beaded bangle bracelet (Right Angle Weave Stitch). A bracelet was chosen for the last piece because every beader should have at least one bracelet that the person beaded!

The student will be using size 110 Delica beads, sizes 150 and 110 seed beads, Cabochons, bicones, flat back sequins or Lochroses, and bugles. The student may select the color for each piece. There are also other items used in the project. They are a small chain, round decorative premade beads, three small stars, Ultrasuede, cotton fabric, Lacy’s Stiff Stuff, two-sided fusible adhesive, wooden needle case, and a round, plain bangle bracelet.

The lessons are just a starting point. It is hoped that these few lessons will inspire the beader to “dig deeper” into each technique.

More about Baby Steps

  • Class Details

    Project: scissors fob, needle case, scissors case and bracelet made using the techniques: Square Stitch, Herringbone Stitch, Peyote Stitch, Bead Embroidery, and Right Angle Weave Stitch.
    Sizes: Each piece varies.
    Colors: Basically red, white, and blue and aqua (The student may change the colors.)
    Skill Level: Advanced Beginner and above
    Prerequisites: Some beading experience
    Time: Six months (five lessons)
    Fee per group: $200.00
    Text: $35.00; 77 pages, including color photos and diagrams.
    Supplies: Approximately $60.00; variety of seed and crystal beads, Cabochons, either Nymo thread or Fireline; beading needles; decorative beads, crimps, small chain, Ultrasuede, cotton fabric, Lacy’s Stiff Stuff, two-sided fusible adhesive, wooden needle case, round plain bangle bracelet
    DMC #: #311.

  • About teacher Gwen Nelson

    Gwen T. Nelson joined The Embroiderers’ Guild of America in 1997.  She is a member of the Louisville Chapter and a member of National Embroidery Teachers’ Association. She has served as the Tennessee Valley Region Director for four years, has chaired two region seminars and has served as the EGA national president. Gwen has been designing and teaching beaded pieces since 2000. She has taught both at the EGA chapter and region levels and at other venues outside of EGA. Gwen designed the pieces that were beaded by the thirteen region directors for the live auctions at the 2009, 2010, and 2011 EGA national seminars and the pieces that were donated by the EGA executive committee for the auction at the 2013 and 2014 national seminars. She also designed the 2013 national seminar logo beaded pin.

    Gwen Nelson has been a teacher, Personnel Director for Jefferson County (KY) Government and a high school principal. Gwen has her doctorate In Administration and Finance from the University of Louisville.

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