2023 Annual Update

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The 2023 Annual Meeting was held at our National Seminar in Boston on Saturday September 2, 2023. To provide coverage of the subject matter to the greatest number of people, this video was recorded on Thursday, September 28, 2023. The video features updates from EGA leadership on Education, Marketing, Finances and more. The video also features a Questions and Answers section where questions from members are answered.

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00:05 Welcome by President Karen Hamilton
03:18 President Report by President Karen Hamilton
06:06 VP Report by Outgoing Vice President Marge Kelly
11:00 Secretary Report by Outgoing Secretary Kathy Melville
11:40 Bylaws Report by Outgoing Bylaws Director Kathy Weigl
14:20 Treasurer Report by Treasurer Pam Coller
15:53 Education Report by Director Valerie Reece
21:38 Marketing and Membership by Director Wendy Lynn
27:20 Headquarters Update by Administrator Cynthia Welch
28:39 Securing our Future Updates and Next Steps
29:01 Securing Our Future – Membership
33:46 Securing Our Future – Structure
42:00 Securing Our Future – Education
49:30 Securing Our Future – Electronic Dues Payments
51:48 Securing Our Future – Events
55:56 Questions and Answers
1:07:43 Closing Remarks by Karen Hamilton

The cover image is Come Spring by Martha Davenport, and it’s part of EGA’s Permanent Collection.

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