2023 Mid-Year Update

Watch the update below!

Our 2023 virtual mid-year update took place on Tuesday, May 9, 2023. To provide coverage of the subject matter to the greatest number of people, a video featuring update reports was recorded and you can watch it  below. The video features updates from EGA leadership on Education, Marketing, Finances and more. The video also features a Questions and Answers section where questions from members are answered.

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Jump to a section by clicking one of the timestamps below:

00:10 Welcome by President Karen Hamilton
3:30 President Report by President Karen Hamilton
7:18 VP Report by Vice President Marge Kelly
20:07 Secretary Report by Secretary Kathy Melville
21:06 Bylaws Report by Bylaws Director Kathy Weigl
24:21 Treasurer Report by Treasurer Pam Coller
25:47 Education Report by Director Valerie Reece
31:25 Marketing and Membership by Director Wendy Lynn
39:12 Headquarters Update
39:52 2024 Dues Announcement by Karen Hamilton
41:30 Questions and Answers
57:08 Closing Remarks by Karen Hamilton

The cover image is Come Spring by Martha Davenport, and it’s part of EGA’s Permanent Collection.

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