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Our Group Correspondence Course Keeping in Shape was originally called Keeping in Shape with EGA. Teacher Gwen Nelson designed this for the region directors to bead and submit for the live auction at the 2009 EGA National Seminar. The thirteen three-dimensional geometric pieces represent the thirteen EGA regions.

The student uses various techniques to make the geometric shapes. Among the techniques are circular and flat peyote to make some of the pieces. The student will also use the herringbone stitch to shape other pieces. Some of the pieces include a combination of beading techniques. The finished necklace includes an assortment of triangles, circles, rectangular solids, cylinders, and cubes. The strap is a spiral rope of seed beads and Swarovski crystals. Embellishments include Swarovski crystals and rondelles.

Keeping in Shape information

Project: Beaded necklace
Size: 16 1/2” long (Student may adjust the length to fit the wearer)
Colors: Black and Silver (Student may change the colors)
Skill Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Beading experience
Time: Eight Months (seven lessons)
Fee: $175 per group
Text: $27; 60 pages, including color photos and diagrams.
Supplies: Approximately $60.00; variety of seed, cube, and Swarovski beads, either Nymo thread or Fireline; beading needles; small amount of quilt batting; flexible tubing
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About teacher Gwen Nelson

Gwen T. Nelson joined The Embroiderers’ Guild of America in 1997.  She is a member of the Louisville Chapter and a member of National Embroidery Teachers’ Association. She has served as the Tennessee Valley Region Director for four years, has chaired two region seminars and has served as the EGA national president. Gwen has been designing and teaching beaded pieces since 2000. She has taught both at the EGA chapter and region levels and at other venues outside of EGA. Gwen designed the pieces that were beaded by the thirteen region directors for the live auctions at the 2009, 2010, and 2011 EGA national seminars and the pieces that were donated by the EGA executive committee for the auction at the 2013 and 2014 national seminars. She also designed the 2013 national seminar logo beaded pin.

Gwen Nelson has been a teacher, Personnel Director for Jefferson County (KY) Government and a high school principal. Gwen has her doctorate In Administration and Finance from the University of Louisville.

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