Master Craftsman: Counted Thread


Our Master Craftsman: Counted Thread program challenges participants to be the best in a variety of counted techniques. Each step provides criteria for the creation of an original design or provided design in a specific technique: Cross-stitch, Assisi, black work, pulled thread, Hardanger and finishing. Submissions are judged on following the directions, source research and expertise in the technique.



Step 1: An original design or an adaptation for a family or historical cross stitch embroidery.

Step 2: An original design or an adaptation for an Assisi embroidery.

Step 3: An original, adapted or provided design for blackwork with specific stitch pattern requirements.

Step 4: An original, adapted, or provided design for pulled thread embroidery with specific stitch requirements.

Step 5: An original design or adaptation for a Hardanger embroidery, along with samples of finishing techniques.

Step 6: An original design demonstrating Master Craftsman ability and incorporating a specified combination of counted thread techniques.

Judging: April and October

Judging Criteria: Workmanship, design and color, shading, and stitch selection.

Contact: Master Craftsman Counted Thread Chair

Click here to see requirements for Step 1 and pictures of completed pieces

After enrollment, a program packet is sent by email from the program chair. Please allow a week for your registration to be processed.

*Master Craftsman Program fees are non-refundable