Individual Correspondence Courses

In-Depth Embroidery Study

Individual Correspondence Courses offer EGA members intense, personalized study under the supervision of teachers selected for their outstanding needlework skills and knowledge. The courses are in-depth study programs dealing with a wide range of embroidery techniques and disciplines at various skill levels. They are a perfect complement to workshop classes, group study courses, and lectures.

If you are self-motivated and like individual study, if you do not have easy access to a chapter, want to study a topic your chapter has not scheduled, or if you prefer to work at your own pace in the quiet of your home, these courses are designed for you. As more and more satisfied graduates share their enthusiasm for these courses with chapter members and friends, the popularity of the Individual Correspondence Courses continues to grow.

NOTE: Please read the Student Responsibilities before enrolling. The timeline for course completion begins when you register. There are no refunds for course or text fees so make your selections carefully.