GCC Encore: Jacobean Fantasy with Kay Stanis

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Jacobean Fantasy

With elegant poetry and a glimmer from down the glittering corridors of an age long past comes a glimpse of life about which we can but dream. Giving new interpretation to designs of the seventeenth century and blending them with the silk and metal of the twenty-first, on Jacobean Fantasy, we will create an exquisite floral design on silk fabric with detached sheer fabric.

Jacobean FantasyTechniques include working Battlement couching, Burden stitch, chipping and “S”ing. Soft twist silks in solid and overdyes will be combined with braids, crimped purl, check purl, and pearl purl. For dimensional effects we will work the detached elements separately on sheer fabric in the creation of this exquisite embroidery.

Students will be encouraged to use their own ideas in color and stitch interpretations.

Jacobean Fantasy Information

Type of project: Picture
Size: 6″ x 7.75″ design on 12″ x 12″ silk foundation
Skill Level: Advanced
Technique: Silk and Metal embroidery on fabric with detached elements
Length of Class: Six lessons in 12 months
Text fee: $20.00
Supplies (approximate): $80.00 for Materials, if provided by the teacher.
DMC Floss Number for tassel: #807

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About teacher Kay Stanis

Kay Stanis is an internationally known fiber artist, designer, Master Craftsman, and Certified and Graduate Certified Teacher of EGA and Kurenai Kai Traditional Japanese Embroidery.  She has been on the faculties of American Needlepoint Guild national seminars, Callaway School of Needlearts, Embroiderers Association of Canada, EGA national and regional seminars, Koala Conventions, South Australia Embroidery Conference, Embroidery 2000 (New Zealand), and many independent groups.

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