Star-Spangled Puzzle Ball with Denise Harrington Pratt

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Our Group Correspondence Course Star-Spangled Puzzle Ball offers the stitcher the opportunity to discover the joy of taking counted thread embroidery into three dimensions by creating a “puzzle ball.” The ball is constructed of pentagon and triangle components. The student will experience the art of counted thread embroidery by stitching the components in a variety of counted thread stitches. Some of the stitches are kite eyelet, two-sided insertion stitch, Nova stitch, leviathan star stitch, and many more. The student will notice that most of the stitches have a star-like appearance. The stitches used create a variety of texture and pattern on the ball providing an enjoyable and varied stitching experience. Once all the components are completed, the student will assemble the components into a beautiful, stitched ball. Clear instructions and diagrams make this process a most delightful and exciting part of the project.

The information-packed instructions are very detailed and will guide the student through the entire process of creating the puzzle ball in a step-by-step manner. Color photos are included.

Star-Spangled Puzzle Ball information

Project: Three-dimensional ball
Size: Circumference of ball is approximately 13½” (diameter: 4½”)
Fabric: Linen or even weave fabric
Threads: Silk and metallic or threads of choice
Colors: Two color options are offered but students may choose their own color palette
Skill level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Ability to stitch on linen
Time: Six months, six sessions
Fee: $175 per group
Text: $40 for 44 pages including three color pages
Supplies (approximate): $60 if silk and metallic are used, less if cotton floss is used.
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About teacher Denise Harrington Pratt

Denise Harrington Pratt is an artist and needlework designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a passion for counted thread embroidery on linen. Denise has been teaching needlework since 1995. She has taught at Spirit of Cross Stitch Festivals, National and Regional Seminars for the Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc., and EGA chapters.  Denise is an active member of our Southern Maine Chapter.

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