Reticello Needle Book with Jonalene Gutwein

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Reticello Needle Book

Learn the technique of Reticello and stitch a personalized needle book!

This Group Correspondence Course is the next step for the experienced drawn thread enthusiasts who wish to begin learning the technique of reticello. It incorporates the pulled 4-sided stitch, the cutting of threads in both directions, satin stitched edges, and needle weaving.

This GCC starts you in the direction of needle lace. Additional stitches used in this GCC are blanket stitched arcs with or without circle picots, creating blanket stitched initials, and many variations of arcs, bars, and combinations of these stitches.

This personalized GCC allows students to choose one initial. The GCC instructions will include your personalized template, the page of working instructions for the initial, as well as 18 pages of an in-depth appendix of instructions and figures for creating these embellishments. The embellishments may be interchanged in many areas, making your needle book unique. The 40 pages before the Appendix have step-by-step instructions to work the needle book for your embellishments.

The finishing of the needle book is a “picot” edge, again with step- by-step instruction and figures. There also is a template with your figure for stretching it back into shape.

Prerequisite for this GCC is a working knowledge of either Hardanger or drawn thread.

Important: When registering your group for this GCC, please include next to each student’s name, the Letter Template (A-Z) they would like to stitch. The Registration paperwork can be downloaded from the GCC Page here.

More About Reticello Needle Book

  • Class Details

    Project: Needle Book
    Size of piece: 4” x4” closed and 4” x 8” open
    Color choices: any color desired, it is requested that perlé coton and fabric match.
    Supplies used: 28 count off-white linen, #8 and #12 #712 perlé coton, wool felt and duponi silk
    Skill level: Beginner needle lace
    Prerequisites: Previous Hardanger or drawn thread courses
    Time for Course: 5 months, 4 lessons
    Fee per group: $200
    Text price: $42.00 (70 pages)
    Estimated supply cost: $15.00

  • About teacher Jonalene Gutwein

    Jonalene is EGA certified in Counted Thread. She is a member of our Indian River Chapter in Florida and has been teaching various forms of needlework since 1982 at EGA chapters, and events at the regional and national level. She has over sixty needlework publications under the name of Friends in Needlework and three retired EGA Group Correspondence Courses.

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