Virtual Lecture Series

Embroidery history, culturally diverse techniques and textile traditions

EGA’s Education Department is pleased to announce a Virtual Lecture Series that will be given and available to members over Zoom.

On the second Saturday of every month at 1PM Eastern, a guest lecturer will speak to us about culturally diverse embroidery techniques and textile traditions. Attendance is limited to 100 participants on a first come, first served basis.

Among topics discussed will be the history, the symbolism, the purpose, the practicality of how this embroidery has passed down through generations. Many of the embroidery techniques are passed down orally and by watching how it’s done, with no written instructions or patterns to follow. Besides the beauty of the traditional embroidery, there is sadness, joy and triumph in many of these stories.

Come join us and learn about the embroiderers who preceded us and admire their gorgeous creations. It promises to be an interesting hour in your day! Questions? Contact

Upcoming Virtual Lectures

  • Virtual Lecture: Historic Threads with Annette Gutierrez Turk
    Taught by Annette Gutierrez Turk (view bio)

    Virtual Lectures

    A historical look at the colcha embroidery stitch and how it came into existence in the New World of Spain in the 16th century.  Date: May 8, 2021 1PM Eastern | Registration opens: April 12, 2021 1PM Eastern

  • Virtual Lecture: Maya Textile Artists: Passionate Celebration of Cultural Heritage with Diane Herrmann
    Taught by Diane Herrmann (view bio)

    Virtual Lectures

    Exciting wearable art with vivid colors, the indigenous clothing of Mexico and Guatemala displays consummate expertise, and artistic beauty. Ancient techniques of preparation, construction and embellishment continue today with modern materials. Still, the textiles contain the designs and patterns that have held meaning in the culture for centuries. Maya weavers today labor to keep traditions alive and still survive in the 21st century. Date: June 12, 2021 1PM Eastern | Registration opens: May 10, 2021 1PM Eastern

  • Virtual Lecture: Sashiko, A Form of Japanese Embroidery with Jacqui Clarkson
    Taught by Jacqui Clarkson (view bio)

    Virtual Lectures

    Are you curious about Sashiko? Is there more than Sashiko?, Hitomezashi?, Kogin?, Boro? What are these? What am I stitching? Please join me as I share my journey of discovering Sashiko, it’s history and how we are embracing it in today’s needlework world. Date: March 13, 2021 1PM Eastern | Registration opens: February 15, 2021 1PM Eastern

  • Virtual Lecture: The Art of the Japanese Internment Camps with Toni Gerdes
    Taught by Toni Gerdes (view bio)

    Virtual Lectures

    Even with great adversity, you can’t keep the artistic, creative spirit down, but also, that creative spirit actually thrives during adversity to help people through hard times and to bring people together. This is what I show, during my 60-minute lecture based on the art that has been discovered from the time of World War II and the Japanese Internment Camps. Date: February 13, 2021 at 1PM Eastern Full | Registration opens: January 11, 2021 at 1PM Eastern

  • Virtual Lecture: The Culture of Folk Embroidery in 3 European Countries with Sarah Pedlow
    Taught by Sarah Pedlow (view bio)

    Virtual Lectures

    Join us for an engaging talk on the history and culture of folk embroidery from three different countries in Europe and the people keeping traditions alive today. Date: April 10, 2021 1PM Eastern | Registration opens: March 15, 2021 1PM Eastern