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Online Studio classes are a convenient way for students to take their embroidery to the next level. Studio classes take place on EGA’s website and in an environment where the student can read and review lessons, discuss with other students, and ask questions directly to the teacher.


2 Types of Online Instruction


Short-term timed class

These classes have a specific registration period with every class running between two and three months, depending on the number of lessons involved and the time between each lesson. Lesson are posted on a schedule under the Course Content section of each class.  Students can download the lessons as they are posted and communicate with the teacher and other students through the class discussion group.


Continuing studies class

These are on-going classes that are available to our members for one year. Students may register at any time during that year and work at their own pace. All of the lessons are posted at the beginning of the class so that students have access to all of them upon registration. The teacher is still just a click away to answer any questions you might have in the class discussion group.

Regardless of the format, all of our online studio classes will provide the student with seminar quality classes, in a variety of techniques and skill levels.

Please note: Online Studio course and text fees are non-refundable.

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Previous Offerings

Explore some of our previous offerings below. Some of these classes may be in progress but registration is currently closed. Stay tuned to this page and to our News page for announcements of new classes.