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Online Studio classes are a convenient way for students to take their embroidery to the next level. Studio classes take place on EGA’s website and in an environment where the student can read, review and download lessons, discuss with other students, and ask questions directly to the teacher on the discussion group for each class. Below you will find some FAQs, and two lists of classes. The first list has classes that are open for registration or with registration opening soon, and the second one is a list of classes that are currently running or were previously offered but are no longer open for registration.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Before you register

    What’s the online class experience like?
    Our online classes usually consist of 2-6 lessons posted following a schedule for each class. Every class runs between two and three months, depending on the number of lessons involved and the time between each lesson.When a lesson is posted you will receive an email with a link to the lesson page where you can read, download and print the lesson. When you have questions for your teacher or something to share with the other students, you will be able to do so in your class discussion group.

    What will I need to provide for an online class?
    A list of supplies required for each class can be found on that class’ page.

    What is a continuing studies online class?
    These are on-going classes that are available to our members for one year. Students may register at any time during that year and work at their own pace. All of the lessons are posted at the beginning of the class so that students have access to all of them upon registration. The teacher is still just a click away to answer any questions you might have in the class discussion group.

    How do I register for the class?
    If a class is open for registration you will see a button that reads Take This Course on that class’ page. If you are an EGA member, make sure you are logged in to the website when you register that way the class registration will be connected to your membership*. If you are not an EGA member yet, a membership will be added to your cart along with your class registration.

    *If you logged in and a membership was added to your order anyway, you can update your order by visiting your cart here and removing that additional membership.

    Are online courses refundable?
    EGA Online Studio courses and kit fees are non-refundable.

    After you register

    I just registered for an online class, what’s next?
    Once your registration for the class has been processed you will receive a welcome email with a letter from your teacher and important information about your class. Please keep the email saved as it is a quick way to get to your class.

    When will my kit be shipped?
    If your class a has a kit and you registered for that option, your kit will be shipped directly from the teacher usually 1-2 weeks before the start of class.

    Where can I learn more about using the online class and discussion group?
    To help you take the best advantage of our online learning platform we have made available some instructions you can read here.

    When do I get access to the lessons?
    Lessons for the class will be posted following the schedule on the class page. In the meantime, you will receive access to the class discussion group where you can start getting to know your fellow students.

    Where will I see the lessons?
    Once lessons are posted, they can be found on the Course Content section at the bottom of your class page.

    What’s the best way to reach my teacher?
    Your teacher will answer all class questions in the class discussion group.

    For how long will my teacher be answering questions about the class?
    Teachers monitor, answer questions and interact with students on the discussion group from the day that the first lesson is posted to two weeks after the last lesson is posted.

    How do I get to the class discussion group?
    There will be a direct link to your class discussion group on your welcome email. When you are logged into the website you will see a link to the class discussion group on the class page and on each of your lesson pages.

    How long will the discussion group be available for?
    The discussion group for your class will be available from the moment your registration is processed to two months after the last lesson for your class is posted.

    Technical issues

    I can’t access the class discussion group, a lesson or something else on the website?
    You will need to be logged in to the website in order to access your class discussion group, class lesson and other class-related, or member-related content. An easy way to know if you are logged in, is that you will see the word Profile on the top right corner of the screen. If you see the word Login, you will need to log in.

    I need assistance logging in to the website?
    If you have already tried the Forgot Your Password feature on the Login page and are still having trouble logging in, please Contact Us here.

Open Registration or Coming Soon

These are the courses you can register for right now, along with those that have registration dates opening soon. For the courses coming soon, you have the option to sign up to receive a reminder when registration opens.

  • Online Class: Beginning Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery with Judy Caruso
    Taught by Judy Borreson Caruso (view bio)

    Online Course, Continuing Studies, Open Registration

    Our online course Beginning Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery features the creation of a Stitch Sampler using many beginner-level dimensional stitches, including Bullion and Cast-on Stitches. Registration ends: September 30, 2020

  • Online Class: Crème de la Crème Box with Kurdy Biggs
    Taught by Kurdy Biggs (view bio)

    Online Course, Open Registration

    On Crème de la Crème Box with Kurdy Biggs you will work on an elegant design where you will explore a variety of stitches including Walneto, padded Mistake, Crescents and Sheaf. Registration: September 2-30, 2020 | Class schedule:  November 4- December 9 (New lesson posted weekly)

  • Online Class: Geraniums with Merrilyn Heazlewood
    Taught by Merrilyn Heazlewood (view bio)

    Online Course, Coming soon

    Our online class Geraniums with Merrilyn Heazlewood focuses on stitching bright, cheerful geraniums and it's a great option to use up some of your stash of threads! Registration: Oct. 7 - Nov. 4 | Class schedule: February 3-March 3, 2021

  • Online Class: Goldwork Bracelet with Cynthia Jackson
    Taught by Cynthia Jackson (view bio)

    Online Course, Coming soon

    In Goldwork Bracelet with teacher Cynthia Jackson you will create a lovely band bracelet from beginning to end. Registration: Nov. 4 - Dec. 2 2020 | Class schedule: Feb. 3 - Mar. 10, 2021. (New lesson posted weekly)

  • Online Class: Hidden Trellises with Merrilyn Heazlewood
    Taught by Merrilyn Heazlewood (view bio)

    Online Course, Continuing Studies, Open Registration

    Stitch a marvelous garden trellis in Hidden Trellises, a new online class with needlework teacher Merrilyn Heazlewood. Registration ends: September 30, 2020

  • Online Class: Kimono Revisited with John Waddell
    Taught by John Waddell (view bio)

    Online Course, Coming soon

    The kimono framework on Kimono Revisited with teacher John Waddell is a great place to learn new stitches and ideas as it is a project with multiple areas of learning. Registration: Dec 2, 2020 - Jan 6, 2021 Class schedule: Monthly lessons March 3, 2021 - January 5, 2022  

In Progress or Previously Offered

The classes below are either in progress or have been offered in the past and are no longer open for registration.

  • Online Class: Ahwahnee with Lorene Salt
    Taught by Lorene Salt (view bio)

    Online Course, Closed Registration

    Our online class Ahwahnee is teacher Lorene Salt's interpretation of the stained-glass windows found in the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park. Registration: July 1 - 29 Class Schedule: September 2 - November 18 (New lessons posted every other week.

  • Online Class: Basket of Gold with Carolyn Standing Webb
    Taught by Carolyn Standing Webb (view bio)

    Online Course, Closed Registration

    On Basket of Gold, you will stitch nine different blackwork patterns with gold and three sizes of black silk thread.

  • Online Class: Bejeweled Heart with Carol Lynn Stratton
    Taught by Carol Lynn Stratton (view bio)

    Online Course, Closed Registration

    Explore the basics of Blackwork embroidery with teacher Carol Lynn Stratton.

  • Online Course, Short-term, Closed Registration

    On Color and Design Refresher with teacher Dolores Andrew students will explore aspects of both color and design from several different angles.

  • Learn some of the basic principles of design as well as pitfalls to avoid, so that your ideas reflect a thoughtful and unified composition.

  • Online Class: Dorset Button Needle Minder with Pat Olski
    Taught by Pat Olski (view bio)

    Online Course, Closed Registration

    Our online class the Dorset Button Needle Minder is a lovely and practical linen needle and thread holder that is an enjoyable and accessible project for stitchers of all levels. Class schedule: August  5-19

  • Online Class: Embroidered Quilt Block with J. Marsha Michler
    Taught by J. Marsha Michler (view bio)

    Online Course, Closed Registration

    Our online class Embroidered Quilt Block with teacher J. Marsha Michler covers patching and embroidering an 8-inch square quilt block and is intended as an introduction to the technique of using embroidery in quilt-making. Registration: June 3- July 1, 2020 | Class starts: August 26, 2020

  • Online Course, Closed Registration

      Registration for this course has ended. If you are a registered students you will be able to access the lessons in the Course Content section of this page while logged in. Fingertip Gloves is a study in dimensional wool appliqué, embroidery embellishment and glove construction. These fun fingertip gloves keep your hands warm while […]

  • Learn the ins and outs of creating Fuchsia flowers, buds and leaves using 13mm silk ribbon with renown silk ribbon teacher Merrilyn Heazlewood. A video of Merrilyn creating silk ribbon Fuchsias is provided.

  • Online Class: Mexican Tile with Margaret Bendig
    Taught by Margaret Bendig (view bio)

    Online Course, Closed Registration

    Our online course Mexican Tile was inspired by the colors in Talavera Tile found in Mexico, and can be worked in one of the suggested colorways, or with whatever you have at home.

  • Online Class: Passionate Pineapple with Sandie Cormaci-Boles
    Taught by Sandi Cormaci-Boles (view bio)

    Online Course, Closed Registration

    Our online class Passionate Pineapple with teacher Sandie Cormaci-Boles is filled with pulled thread techniques and tips along with some Colonial history.

  • Online Course, Closed Registration

    Pathways is an elegant study in Metal Thread embroidery created by Margaret Kinsey. In this class you will create pathways that are bordered with flowers and seed-like effects by using soft wire purls, pearl purl and spangles to complete this wonderful piece.

  • Online Course, Short-term, Closed Registration

    On Strut Your Stuff you will learn everything you need to to enter exhibitions, juried events or competitions with your embroidered works of art.

  • Online Course, Closed Registration

    Cross Stitch - - - you’re good at it. You love it. But you’re ready for the next step, that little “stretch” that will enable you to create even more beautiful projects. Have we got a class for you!

  • Online Class: The Stitcher’s Touch with Dawn Donnelly
    Taught by Dawn Donnelly (view bio)

    Online Course, Closed Registration

    Our upcoming online course The Stitcher’s Touch with teacher Dawn Donnelly is all about experiencing different and new threads, and stitches while working on a sampler of sorts. Registration: August 5-September 2 | Class schedule: October 7-December 16 (New lesson posted every 2 weeks)

  • Online Class: Vintage Log Cabin with Terry Dryden
    Taught by Terry Dryden (view bio)

    Online Course, Closed Registration

    Our online class Vintage Log Cabin introduces the stitcher to the idea of interpreting a quilt design with needlework stitches to produce the vintage look of the original quilts.