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Mix and match elements to create your own crewel pattern!

Trio is a crewel exercise incorporating a variety of choices in a design. The student is encouraged to “mix and match” elements to create their own pattern. Floral and foliage samples are given so that they may be moved about like dressing paper dolls. This allows the stitcher to pick and choose for an individual design. Stitching instructions for each motif are included.

The students are encouraged to make their own color choices. The use of a color wheel is recommended. You can find many color wheel images online. Some simple color choice options are listed on the next page. Be sure to read everything before purchasing the materials.

Single Flower Motif 11” by 13” linen or linen twill (Or the amount you require should you change the original size) Crewel wools The sample was stitched using Appleton Crewel™ wool single strand in the following colors: Grass Green 253, Sea Green 402, 403, 404, Autumn Yellow 473, Early English Green 542, 543, Bright Rose Pink 942, 943, 945, Peacock 643, Elephant Grey 972, 973, 975

Three Motif Sample Linen

The large sample is stitched on tightly woven white linen 12” by 16.” The design size may be altered as desired. You may also choose to use linen twill. Crewel wools.The sample was stitched using Appleton Crewel™ wool single strand in the following colors: Purple 102. Grey Green 353, 354, Sea Green 402, 403, 404, Autumn Yellow 471, 473, Peacock Blue 643, Rose Pink 753, 754, 755, Elephant Grey 973.

More about Trio

  • Class Details

    Project: The sample is a picture, but the motifs may be used in a variety of ways.
    Sizes: The stitched area is 8 inches by 19 inches for the three-flower image or 3 inches by 10 inches for the single-flower image
    Colors: Students may use the color of their choice. The sample is in shades of rose.
    Skill Level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate level.
    Prerequisites: Some experience with basic crewel stitches is helpful.
    Time: 6-9 months at least
    Fee per group: $200.00
    Text: 116 pages, $80 if mailed, $35 PDF
    Student supplies: Extra fabric for practicing the stitches Stretcher bars (not the mini size) to accommodate the linen or a 6”– 8” wooden hoop with screw adjustment, Tacks if using a frame, Frame Weight or clamp if using a frame, Chenille needles #22 Tapestry needle #22, Mechanical pencil or #3 pencil ,Watercolor pencils, inexpensive small paint brush, or cotton swabs,. 2-inch 3-ring binder Usual stitching supplies Favorite stitch book
    DMC #: #603

  • About teacher Carol Currier

    Carol Currier is certified by the National Academy of Needlearts (NAN) as a surface embroidery teacher. She served on the national board of The Embroiderers’ Guild of America (EGA) for eight years including as national President from 2007-2009. Carol is currently the EGA Chair of the Master Craftsman program in crewel embroidery. She was honored in the September 2018 Needle Arts as Designer Across America. Carol holds memberships in EGA, NAN, American Needlepoint Guild (ANG), and National Association of Needlework Teachers (NETA). She is a partner in a needlework shop in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

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