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Thank Goodness is Finished finishing classAre your beautiful embroideries languishing in a drawer awaiting a trip to the finisher? Finishing the embroidery yourself gives you complete control over the end product and could be less expensive than using professional finishing services. Our Group Correspondence Course Thank Goodness It’s Finished teaches a variety of skills needed to assemble embroideries into their final form. Following evaluation, Certificates of Completion will be awarded for finishing the scissors tassel, small drawstring bag, pincushion and either the stitched box or tote bag (both may be submitted). Only the tote bag requires use of a sewing machine.

Although students are encouraged to use their existing embroideries for this GCC, they may construct the course items from unembroidered fabric. Patterns for the pictured sample pieces and brief embroidery instructions are also provided in the text. However, the focus of this GCC is on finishing techniques, so no embroidery is required for a Certificate of Completion.

Thank Goodness It’s Finished text is thoroughly illustrated with clear drawings as well as written directions. Once the student has finished the items in the course, the same techniques can be applied to similar items. For example the student will be able to construct a full-sized pillow using the techniques learned when making the pin cushion.

Thank Goodness It’s Finished information

Project: Scissors tassel, drawstring bag, pincushion, and fabric covered box or lined tote bag.
Student may either choose the size, fabric, threads and colors for their projects, or they may choose to use unembroidered pieces in their projects.
Skill Level: All
Prerequisites: None
Time: Six months – preliminary meeting and four working meetings
Fee: $175 per group
Text: $30.00
Supplies (approximate): $10 to $60 depending on whether the student uses existing embroideries and stash of fabrics and threads or purchases materials to create new embroideries.
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About teacher Kim Sanders

Kim Sanders is an EGA-certified teacher in Crewel and Surface Embroidery and a Master Craftsman in Surface Embroidery and Smocking. She has taught at national and regional seminars, guilds, and shops as well as ICC and GCC. Her designs have been published in Australian Smocking & Embroidery, Needle Arts, and Inspirations.

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