Beginning Teneriffe Lace with Jonalene Gutwein

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Beginning Teneriffe Lace

Learn the beautiful needlelace technique of Teneriffe

Our Group Correspondence Course Beginning Teneriffe Lace will give you the basics of the beautiful needlelace technique of Teneriffe. Teneriffe lace does not use the typical needlelace buttonhole stitch. Instead, it uses several drawn thread stitches such as needleweaving, spiders, and the knot stitch. Using these three basic techniques, many lovely patterns may be developed. In this course you will learn the basic stitches allowing you create many unique medallions on your own later.

Beginning Teneriffe Lace also includes several online videos that you may access to see specific techniques being worked. These videos are available on Jonalene Gutwein’s website and your coordinator will have the user name and password. These videos will be available to you during your chapter’s course time and for three weeks following the scheduled conclusion of the course.

More about Beginning Teneriffe Lace

  • Class Details

    Project: Lace medallion suitable for embellishing a pincushion, needlecase, blouse, or collar.
    Size: circular, 4.5 inches in diameter
    Fabric: N/A
    Threads: #70 DMC® Cordonnet Special (Article 151)
    Colors: White
    Skill Level: Beginner
    Prerequisites: None
    Time: 3 sessions
    Fee per group: $200
    Text: $12.00 (includes shipping and handling)
    Supplies (approximate): $12.00

  • About teacher Jonalene Gutwein

    Jonalene is EGA certified in Counted Thread. She is a member of our Indian River Chapter in Florida and has been teaching various forms of needlework since 1982 at EGA chapters, and events at the regional and national level. She has over sixty needlework publications under the name of Friends in Needlework and three retired EGA Group Correspondence Courses.

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