Guanin: Gourd Flower with Margaret Kinsey

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Guanin: Gourd Flower

A Beginning Study of Silk and Metal Threads

Guanin: Gourd Flower with teacher Margaret Kinsey is a study of Silk and Metal Threads for beginners. The word, Guanin is defined as a mix of gold, copper and silver that was smelted. The Aztec and Inca people prized copper more than gold. Taino residents (natives) of Hispanola, Cuba and Puerto Rico were the countries where the alloy was also prized above gold. However, when the Spanish came to the western hemisphere, it was gold and silver that they most prized and shipped much of the treasures back to Spain.

Gourd Flower is my interpretation of the concept of guanin and gold which symbolizes the mix of the two cultures: the natives of the Americas and the Spanish.

In this study, the beginning student will work with gold twist, #5 Japan gold, #7 gold check thread, Copper pearl purl, copper twist, copper check purl, #1 Copper, and silk floss. The ground fabric is silk satin with a cotton backing fabric.

Techniques include couching techniques, attaching gold braid, check thread, #5 Japan thread-imitation, 6-stranded couching of silk floss, and diamond lattice work, and attaching copper check purl.

Students will learn how to dress the frame, apply the pattern to the satin fabric, manipulate and stitch metal and silk threads, and finally how to unframe the embroidery

More about Guanin: Gourd Flower

  • Class Details

    Project: Framed wall piece or box
    Size: 4″ high x 4.5″ wide
    Skill Level: Basic
    Technique: Silk and Metal Thread Embroidery
    Timeline: Five lessons; six months
    Fee per group: $200
    Text: $70
    Kit Cost: Full Kit: $85.00; Thread kit only: $65.00 (If provided by the teacher)
    DMC floss #: 922


  • About teacher Margaret Kinsey

    Margaret Kinsey is an EGA certified teacher in silk and metal thread embroidery. She is certified to teach Japanese traditional embroidery. She is the designated US teacher for the Kunimitsu Rozashi Studio and studies with Fumiko Ozaki. Margaret is the 2010 recipient of the national EGA Gold Thread Award and teaches at all levels of EGA. She teaches at national seminars and chapters of ANG and EAC. She was the 2012 keynote speaker and taught at the New Zealand Embroidery Guild Conference in Christchurch, NZ, and toured, taught, and lectured additional venues in New Zealand. Margaret chaired the 5th, 6th and 7th EGA International Embroidery Conferences. She received the Lifetime Achievement Award from NAN, 2021.

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