Virtual Lecture 6: Maya Textile Artists: Passionate Celebration of Cultural Heritage with Diane Herrmann

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Maya Textile Artists: Passionate Celebration of Cultural Heritage

Lecturer: Diane Herrmann
Date: Saturday June 12, 2021 1PM Eastern
Registration: May 10-17, 2021 1PM Eastern
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Exciting wearable art with vivid colors, the indigenous clothing of Mexico and Guatemala displays consummate expertise, and artistic beauty. Ancient techniques of preparation, construction and embellishment continue today with modern materials. Still, the textiles contain the designs and patterns that have held meaning in the culture for centuries. Maya weavers today labor to keep traditions alive and still survive in the 21st century.

The work of Maya textile artists fascinates me, especially because our local community has welcomed Guatemalan refugees for a number of years. In this presentation we will follow the journey of one small village to bring back textile traditions to their young people and experience a visit to two rural indigenous communities where women are weaving for a Fair-Trade organization. We will also explore different kinds of weaving and embroidery so that you will understand what you are seeing in these striking Maya textiles.

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Diane Herrmann won EGA’s Gold Thread Award in 2015 and has taught within EGA, ANG and the Windy City Chapter of EGA both regionally and nationally. She has affiliations with EGA, ANG, NAN and NETA. Diane has several publications and presentations over the years to include “Diaper Pattern and Needlepoint” in Crafting by Concepts. Accomplishments and awards have been granted to include the Jean Thomas Howard Scholarship as a teacher in 2009 as well as NAN Exemplary in 2009, 2012 and 2015, among several other recognitions. Diane teaches one of EGA’s latest Individual Correspondence Courses: Techniques for Canvas Embroidery.