Virtual Lecture 21: Creating Needlework Maps with Catherine Jordan

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Creating Needlework Maps

Lecturer: Catherine Jordan
Date: Sunday, October 9, 2022 1PM Eastern
Registration: September 12-19, 2022 1PM Eastern

Come and enjoy this “show and share” lecture on creating needlework maps! You will see Catherine’s collection of commemoratively based needlework maps in a PowerPoint program as she talks about the process of where ideas come from, what makes a valuable map, and the intricacies of designing, stitching, and painting needlework maps. Also covered will be the historical basis for many of these maps as styles, motifs, lettering, and coloring effects add to the designs. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers as you learn more about needlework maps.

Registration starts September 12, sign up for a reminder below!

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Registration is limited to 100 participants and will remain open for a full week. Once registration ends, the entire list will be run through a randomization app and the list of attendees will be filled in that randomized order with the remaining members added to a waitlist. Learn more in our Virtual lecture Series page.

Catherine Jordan holds Master Craftsman certifications in the counted thread, crewel, color, and design programs of EGA. She is currently chair of the Master Craftsman design program and Master Craftsman Coordinator. Catherine is a certified Zentangle® teacher and former juried member of EGA’s artists’ group, Fiber Forum. Catherine teaches at local needlework chapters and regional, national, and international seminars.