Master Craftsman: Canvas Embroidery


The first 2 steps of our Master Craftsman: Canvas program enable the stitcher to execute a specified list of stitches and show general expertise in compensation and following directions. The later steps allow for exhibiting expertise in the use of color and to design pieces and apply various canvas techniques. After each judging, participants are sent an update to evaluate how they are progressing along with hints and suggestions on improving their performance. (Pictured: Step 4 by Lois Threlkeld)



Canvas Step 1: Heather Gitlin

Step 1: Choice of ten stitches used in one of three provided designs with a monochromatic color scheme.

Step 2: Twenty one different stitches used in a provided design with an analogous color scheme.

Step 3: An original design or one of the stitcher’s choice using four diaper patterns and worked in a split-complementary color scheme.

Step 4: Eight Florentine patterns used in an original design or one of the stitcher’s choosing.

Step 5: Two appliquésof one size canvas to another, one irregularly shaped, used in an original design or one of the stitcher’s choosing.

Step 6: This piece must demonstrate Master Craftsman ability. It requires an original design incorporating a variety of threads, stitches, and techniques.

Judging: May and November

Judging Criteria: Technique, canvas coverage, color, design, overall appearance, and ability to follow directions.

Contact: Master Craftsman Canvas Embroidery Chair

Click here to see requirements for Step 1 and pictures of completed pieces

After enrollment, a program packet is sent by email from the program chair. Please allow a week for your registration to be processed.

*Master Craftsman Program fees are non-refundable