Online Class: Embroidered Sequin Butterfly Card with Connie Chow

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Embroidered Sequin Butterfly Card

Make two butterfly sequin greeting cards!

In Butterfly Greeting Card with Connie Chow you will be making two wonderful large butterfly sequin greeting cards. This is a great course for beginners as basic stitches such as stem stitch and a modified satin stitch will be taught as well as how to apply beads and sequins to fabric.

Each kit comes with enough material to create two large greeting cards with two butterflies and flower clusters on each.  Three different colorways are offered 1) Crystal Iridescent, 2) Royal Metallic and 3) Spring Opaque. You can see the pictures above.

You may follow the preplanned arrangement or feel free to mix and match sequin colors and experiment with the sequin flower and butterfly arrangements as you please to create your very own unique design!

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  • Class Details

    Design size: 5.5” by 8.5″
    Skill level: All Levels
    Registration dates: Registration opens December 7 and closes January 4, 2023.
    Number of lessons: 2
    Class Format: PDF Lessons + Videos
    Class schedule: The first lesson will be posted to this page on March 1 and the following lesson will be posted March 8, 2023.
    Class cost: Class + Kit: $69 shipping to US; $75 Shipping to Canada; $90 Shipping to international locations.
    Class Color Options: Royal Metallic, Crystal Iridescent, Spring Opaque (See pictures above)
    Kit contents and supplies needed: Click here to see a list of the kit contents.
    Students will also need: Embroidery scissors. Workspace setup for the hoop – suggested 4” clamp to clamp to the table or standup holder, some setup that enables both hands to be freed up to stitch. Needle threader. Magnification and light if needed.
    Prerequisites: None

  • About teacher Connie Chow

    Connie took her first class in goldwork embroidery in 2019 at the SF School of Needlework and Design. Finding herself drawn to the shine and shimmer of the materials and the joy that embroidery brought her as a pastime, she decided to take more classes and started training in tambour beading. Soon she had learned enough techniques to experiment with beads and sequins and started creating designs of her own. A small collection of her first designs came in the form of greeting cards, of which the butterflies design has been adapted to regular needlepoint in an online class with EGA for 2023. Her hope is to train further in tambour beading and to continue to create new art pieces to inspire, open up and to bring to new people who are yet to discover the joy of embroidery.

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