Online Studio Class 62: Mushroom Advanced Box Making with Emma Broughton

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Mushroom Advanced Box Making

Make a beautiful hexagon shaped box!

Mushroom Advanced Box Making with Emma Broughton is an advanced box making course to create a beautiful hexagon shaped box complete with small pull-out drawer with gold colored handle, hidden interior compartments finished with a wonderful, embroidered lid with mushrooms and a Butterfly.

The outside of the box is covered in tea dyed calico, with silk shaded mushrooms and a Stumpwork butterfly on the lid. The interior of the box is covered with a smaller printed version of the lid embroidery design in an exclusively printed fabric. You can choose to purchase a full kit or buy a partial kit and choose your own color scheme.

The course is split into four sessions comprising: Stitching the embroidery for the lid, Interior Box construction and The Exterior box construction including the Box Lid.

The techniques include: Tea dyeing fabric, Silk shading, stem stitch, detached needle lace with beads, buttonhole stitch and attaching the detached wings, how to accurately measure and cut card for box making, two methods for covering card, using curved needles and how to stitch together your box pieces.

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