Online Course Instructions

  • How to access your online course

    Once you have registered for your course there are several ways where you will be able to find it.

    You can select your course from our Online Courses page.

    You can access your course from the top bar of your Profile page by clicking Courses. This will show you all your courses.


  • Where will the lessons be posted?

    New lessons will be posted according to the provided schedule and will appear on the course page, below Course Content.

    Only students enrolled in the course will be able to see the lessons.

  • Understanding the Lesson page

    When clicking on a lesson, you will be taken to that lesson’s page. Each lesson has its own page.

    It’s in the lesson page where the magic happens. Here, students will be able to do the following.

    Read each lesson: The lesson will appear on the page and you will be able to read it right there.

    Download each lesson or see it full screen: If you would like to download and save a PDF version of the lesson, you will see a button for this below your lesson. In order to print your full lesson, you must first download it, then you will be able to open and print the PDF. Follow your browser/PDF program for printing instructions based in your system.

    Interact: Below each lesson you will see a button labeled Course Discussion that will take you to the course’s discussion group.

    If you are done with a lesson, you can Mark it as Complete as a way for you to keep track of your progress. This will not stop you from going back and accessing the previous lesson again.

  • Understanding the Course Discussion Group

    In the Course Discussion Group you will be able to ask questions, interact with the teacher and other students and share your work. You can also access the course directly from here.

    Commenting and asking questions: When you visit the Discussion Group you will see a comment box where you will be able to enter text, insert images and insert links.

    Mentioning others: If you are directing a question to your teacher or a fellow student and want to make sure it’s not missed, you must mention that person in your comment by typing @ followed by their name, you should see the name pop up letting you click on it as in the image below.

    Post an image or link: To post an image, click the Image Icon(1) below the comment, the window will expand and you will be able to choose an image from your computer by clicking Upload a file(2).After choosing your file, it will upload and appear below, now make sure you also enter text on the comment box so your teacher and other student will have some context, and click Add Photos(3). You’re now done posting a photo!


    To post a link click the Link Icon next to the image icon, this will open a “paste link here” field, where you can add your link,  click Preview and then Add Link. Don’t forget to add text to your comment box so others will know why you are sharing the link.

    Replying to others: To reply to someone’s post click on the Comment button below their post. You can also mention others on your replies and add images to your comment.

    Favorites: Let’s say you see someone’s post and would like to save it to see it later, or for any other reason, you can do this by clicking the Favorite button below that specific post. This will save the post to the Favorites section on your Profile.

    Emails: After enrollment, you will receive a welcome email for your class with important information. Once the class starts you will start receiving a Daily Digest Email with the activity in the Discussion Group along with individual emails whenever someone mentions you directly or comments on one of your updates.

    If you would like to change the frequency in which you receive emails from the Discussion Group, you may do so by clicking Email Options at the top of your group.

    After clicking Email Options you will get to choose from the following options:

    No Email: You will receive no emails and will have to read the group on the website.
    Weekly Summary Email: Get one email per week, summarizing the new topics each week.
    Daily Digest Email: Get all the day’s activity bundled into a single email. (Default)
    All Email: Send all group activity as it arrives. You will receive an email every time someone posts to the group.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I’m lost, how do I get back to my class?

    If you find yourself lost and would like to get back to your class, the easiest way is to visit your Profile and click on Courses on the menu bar between Friends and Settings.

    I uploaded an image but it’s sideways, can I fix it?

    There’s no way to rotate an image after uploading it to the site, we recommend making sure that the image is saved the correct way and shows this way in your computer or phone before uploading it.

    I haven’t received any emails about the class. What do I do?

    If you didn’t receive a Welcome Email when you registered, or reminder emails when a new lesson is posted chances are our emails are going to your junk/spam folder. Please check your junk/spam folder and if you see our emails there, please mark them as safe. Another good thing to do to make sure you don’t miss our emails is adding and to your email contact list, this can help in making sure you receive emails from our discussion group. If you continue to have trouble, please email

    How can I upload my profile photo?

    On the left sidebar of your Profile, all the way at the bottom you will see Account Settings where you can: Upload a profile photo, Edit your contact information, Update your Password, Renew your Membership and Logout.

    I’m having trouble seeing the class/lesson page, what should I do?

    If you are not able to to access the class or a lesson, or only see a screen that says “You are already signed in” please contact to make sure you have the proper access.

    What is a topic?

    Depending on the class, some lesson pages may include topic pages where supplementary documentation can be provided by the teacher.

    What does clicking “Complete” on the lesson or course do?

    In order to move on to the next lesson, you may have to mark lessons as completed. Marking them completed will not stop you from accessing them again or from accessing the course’s discussion group.

    When I receive an email about a reply or mention from the Discussion Group and I click the link from the email it doesn’t show all the posts in the group, what do I do?

    The links that come automatically in the notification emails take you directly to that specific post/question in order for you to find it easily. To see every post in the group click anywhere you see the name of the group. This can be: Right next to a post where it says “x person posted an update in the group – name of group” by clicking the name of the group, or on the left sidebar where you see the group under Groups.

    Last Revision: September 2019