Online Studio Class 69: Espalier Bracelet by Laura Smith

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Espalier Bracelet

Create a bracelet that emulates an espaliered tree!

Espalier is the ancient horticultural practice of training a tree or shrub to grow flat against a wall or frame to produce more blooms and fruit. In this project, you’ll create a bracelet that emulates an espaliered tree. Learn to work with Painter’s Threads overdyed cord and loop trim to provide a structure like tree branches. It supports beads and sequins in their role as the fruit. Two kinds of water-soluble fabric and water-soluble tape hold the structure in place so that it can be hooped. Embellish the bracelet with your own beads (4 mm round beads, size 8° and size 11° seed beads, and other beads). Stitch with matching #12 pearl cotton (yes, this will go through the beads) and finish with a secure sliding tube-style clasp. Custom size it to fit your wrist. Several colorways are available.

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More about Espalier Bracelet

  • Class Details

    Design size: Sized to fit a person’s wrist
    Technique: Bead Embroidery on Soluble Fabric
    Skill level: All Levels
    Registration dates: Registration opens on August 7, 2024 and closes on September 4, 2024.
    Class schedule: The first lesson will be posted on November 6, 2024 and the last lesson will be posted on November 13, 2024.
    Number of Lessons: 2
    Class format: PDF Lessons
    Class cost: Class and Required Partial Kit: $90 shipping to US, $115 shipping to Canada, $125 shipping to international locations. Beads are not included in the kit.
    Supplies needed: Click here to see the list of kit contents and supplies needed.
    Prerequisite: None

  • Lessons

  • About teacher Laura Smith

    Laura Smith is an embroidery innovator, nationally known designer, and teacher. She holds the Master Craftsman in Color from the Embroiderers Guild of America (EGA) and has won their National Gold Thread Award for service in 2021. She has served as chair for the Master Craftsman in Color Program from 2006 – 2018, Chairman of Fiber Forum (2011 – 2015), seven terms as president of her chapter, and has held every chapter office. She is a former Executive Director of an arts center and holds an MBA as well as an undergraduate degree in chemistry — valuable for understanding paint and mixed media materials.

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