Individual Correspondence Courses: Celebrating a completion in Metal Thread Embroidery

This month, we congratulate member Amy Fihe from Westerville, Ohio.

The Individual Correspondence Courses offer stitchers a way to expand their skills, by learning a new technique or refining skills in a technique they already know. Courses can range from three to nine classes. There is frequent interaction with the teacher, as each lesson requires that the student submit a piece for evaluation. Here, we highlight stitchers who have completed an ICC.

Amy is a member at-large in the Great Lakes Region. She took the Introduction to Metal Thread Embroidery class with Kay Stanis.  Here is what she says about her experience:

I enrolled in the Individual Correspondence Course: Introduction to Metal Thread Embroidery in 2022. It was an exceptional experience that provided me with the foundational framework to learn goldwork and its specific techniques.

Embroidery is a skill I kept up with since I was a 10 year old girl. My work was mostly functional and utilitarian over the years. During my studies in my M.F.A. I realized how important that skill can be if I could push it a little farther. I have great appreciation for the traditional arts, especially if I can bring the traditional aspects to my daily life. I also have been interested in the structures of the materials that I choose to make art.

I learned how to make a sampler to practice couching with different metallic materials and how to use the sampler to design the final project. Organizing the materials and designing the project was such a challenge. Continuing work on the projects became an enjoyable daily routine.

Receiving meaningful critique helped me make revisions and further develop each project. I would consider taking another course soon.

More about Introduction to Metal Thread Embroidery class with Kay Stanis

Our Individual Correspondence Course Introduction to Metal Thread Embroidery is an in-depth study of the techniques of metal thread embroidery that will introduce the student to the shimmer of real gold and silver on fabric. From actual samples of the metal threads discussed to the proper methods of framing up the foundation fabric, the world of metal thread embroidery will be explored.

You too can expand your embroidery skills, by learning a new technique or refining skills in a technique you already know with one of our Individual Correspondence Courses. Our available ICCs are:

Written by ICC Chair Helene Ossipov


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