Design for Needlework with India Hayford

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Design for Needlework with India Hayford

Create unique embroideries!

Our Individual Correspondence Course Design for Needlework with India Hayford is for the technically adept embroiderer who wishes to create unique embroideries.  This intensive nine-lesson course will immerse students in a study of visual language, design mechanics, sensibility, and critical judgment.  Students will generate a series of original designs while developing a style that is personal and aesthetically sound.  Each lesson will require at least one embroidered project in addition to several other exercises.

This is a design class; specific needlework techniques and styles are not taught. Students must be proficient in at least one technique.

This course fulfills one of the requirements for candidates of the EGA teacher certification exam.

More about Design for Needlework

  • Class Details

    Time: 18 months
    Class fee: $245
    Text fee:
    $35 PDF, 122 pages.
    Additional Required Text (purchase from a vendor of your choosing): Eleventh Edition of Art Fundamentals: Theory and Practice by Ocvirk, Stinson, Wigg, Bone and Cayton.
    Prerequisites: Students must be proficient in at least one embroidery discipline.  Students should be prepared to spend a minimum of 10-12 hours on each lesson.
    Supplies (approximate): $50-$75 (Students using techniques requiring expensive materials, such as goldwork, may incur higher costs. Many items, such as scissors and plain white paper, are found in most homes.
    Format: Written instructions, communication through email.
    ICC Pin Thread Color: DMC #791

  • Design for Needlework Lessons

    Lesson 1: Overview of Design, Language of Design, Point and Line
    Lesson 2: Shape and Form, Harmony and Rhythm, Balance and Weight
    Lesson 3: Value
    Lesson 4: Color
    Lesson 5: Texture, Pattern
    Lesson 6: Space, Perspective
    Lesson 7: Proportion and Scale, Composition Analysis
    Lesson 8: Approaches to Design
    Lesson 9: Process of Design

  • About teacher India Hayford

    An EGA member since 1987, India holds teacher certification in contemporary embroidery. She was the recipient of two EGA Legacy Scholarships and one EGA Research Fellowship Grant, all used to study Yemenite Jewish and Israeli Yemenite embroidery. The resulting ethnic embroidery courses combine extensively illustrated lectures with richly embroidered projects. She also offers classes in contemporary design, mixed media, and fiber manipulation. Teaching experience includes regional and national seminars, local chapters, ethnic festivals, and community college programs.

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