English Smocking with Kim Sanders

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English Smocking

Learn embroidery on prepleated fabric

English Smocking ClassEnglish smocking is embroidery on prepleated fabric. On this Individual Correspondence Course, students will learn common smocking and accent stitches and master correct tension as they work a series of samplers. Both geometric and picture smocking are covered in this ICC. Additionally students will learn to adapt commercial plates for different size garments and for different color schemes.

While smocking is most frequently seen on clothing, this type of embroidery offers the adventuresome embroiderer opportunities to manipulate fabric into the third dimension. Appendices include stitch diagrams, the history of English smocking and instructions on smocking bishop style clothing.

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  • Class Details

    Teacher: Kim Sanders
    Time: Twelve months
    Class fee: $175
    Text fee: $20 PDF; $30 Hard Copy
    Prerequisites: None
    Supplies (approximate): $50
    ICC Pin Thread Color: DMC #224

  • English Smocking Lessons

    Lesson 1. Students learn to choose fabric and thread, pleat and prepare fabric for English smocking, master correct stitch placement, stitch tension and basic smocking stitches on a beginning sampler.
    Lesson 2. Building on the beginning sampler, additional rows are smocked to create geometric designs.
    Lesson 3. Surface embroidery stitches and smocked accent stitches are added to complete the beginning sampler.
    Lesson 4. On a second sampler, students learn to stack smocking stitches to create recognizable motifs sometimes called picture smocking. Text information will help the student achieve smooth edges, good coverage and a correctly centered design.
    Lesson 5. Smocking affects the fit of a garment. Frequently the smocker must modify a published smocking design to meet the requirements of a garment pattern. In Lesson 5 students will work a sampler adapting the number of rows in a published smocking design.
    Lesson 6. Students learn how to modify the color scheme of a published design while smocking a final sampler.

  • About teacher Kim Sanders

    Kim Sanders is an EGA-certified teacher in Crewel and Surface Embroidery and a Master Craftsman in Surface Embroidery and Smocking. She has taught at national and regional seminars, guilds, and shops as well as ICC and GCC. Her designs have been published in Australian Smocking & Embroidery, Needle Arts, and Inspirations.

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