Individual Correspondence Courses: Celebrating a completion in Techniques for Canvas Embroidery

This month, we congratulate Marianne Randall from Ramona, California.

The Individual Correspondence Courses offer stitchers a way to expand their skills, by learning a new technique or refining skills in a technique they already know. Courses can range from three to nine classes. There is frequent interaction with the teacher, as each lesson requires that the student submit a piece for evaluation. Here, we highlight stitchers who have completed an ICC.

Marianne is a member of the Threaded Needle Chapter in the Pacific Southwestern Region. She took the Techniques for Canvas Embroidery class with Diane Herrmann. Here is what she says about her experience:

I was the lucky recipient of a trunk loaded with stitching from my ancestors. I have always been a stitcher and was impressed with the skill required to create such beautiful pieces. I decided to step up my stitching game. Needlepoint was first on my list. I joined the local EGA and ANG guilds and was surrounded by talented stitchers. The ICC for Canvaswork was exactly what I was looking for. I have only completed one needlepoint project before joining. I wanted to learn how to stitch correctly so I wouldn’t start any bad habits.

Perfect Circle

The best part of my class was the instructor… Diane Herrmann. She guided me through stitching a perfect circle and all the other needlepoint categories required to design and stitch my final project. The course is very comprehensive covering thread selection, color and grayscale theory, principles of design, needlepoint stitch categories, appliqué and embellishments. Diane honestly and fairly looked at my work with a fresh pair of eyes. The mistakes were softened in such a way that I was encouraged to continue to stitch. She showed me examples from her own stitching and was always available to provide me with additional resources if I was having a particular problem.

Matching Colors

Diane also taught me patience. The class is designed so I could go at my own pace. I am not artistic at all so I struggled to create my final project. I decided to design with basting thread instead of pencil. New ideas would come to me after dwelling on it a bit. It takes a long time to design a project and stitching is the reward. I used all I learned to bring my quirky little bee to life.

I have since completed a needlepoint project on my own utilizing the knowledge gained and suggested references. I have signed up for several whitework classes and look forward to the day when I can add my own high quality pieces to the ancestral trunk.

Quirky Little Bee
More about Techniques for Canvas Embroidery with Diane Herrmann

Our Techniques for Canvas Embroidery Individual Correspondence Course is an in-depth study of various techniques used in canvas embroidery, with an eye to moving an advanced beginner toward excellence in a variety of techniques.

You too can expand your embroidery skills, by learning a new technique or refining skills in a technique you already know with one of our Individual Correspondence Courses. Our available ICCs are:

Written by ICC Chair Helene Ossipov


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