New Group Correspondence Course on Crewel: Trio with Carol Currier

Our Education Department has added a new course to our selection of Group Correspondence Courses: Trio with Carol Currier.

Trio is a crewel exercise incorporating a variety of choices in a design. The student is encouraged to “mix and match” elements to create their own pattern. Floral and foliage samples are given so that they may be moved about like dressing paper dolls. This allows the stitcher to pick and choose for an individual design. Stitching instructions for each motif are included.

The students are encouraged to make their own color choices. The use of a color wheel is recommended. You can find many color wheel images online. Some simple color choice options are listed on the next page. Be sure to read everything before purchasing the materials.

Registration for this course is currently available to groups. There is a $200 fee per group, and each student in the group pays $80 for a printed text or $35 for a PDF text.

Gather your favorite stitchers, make a group and sign up! If you are interested in registering for this Group Correspondence Course, you  can learn more about the process and download the registration form from our Group Correspondence Course page.

Learn more about Trio with Carol Currier
GCC Lightning Rounds

Through August 31, any member may register for the Group Correspondence Course (GCC) Lightning Rounds featured below. These are a selection of our Group Correspondence Courses that have been hand-picked by our Education Department and made available for individual EGA members to register without a group for a limited time.

Hearts for You with Denise Harrington Pratt

Our Group Correspondence Course Hearts for You with Denise Harrington Pratt is an opportunity for the student to learn a variety of finishing techniques for use with counted thread work and to create a lovely four-piece set of needlework accoutrements. Learn More and Register!

Keeping in Shape with Gwen Nelson
Group Correspondence Course: Keeping in Shape
Keeping in Shape

On Keeping in Shape, the student uses various techniques such as circular and flat peyote to make a necklace with 13 three-dimensional beaded pieces. Read our Interview with Gwen Nelson. Learn More and Register!

Mark and Paint on Canvas and Fabric with Laura Smith

On our Group Correspondence Course Mark and Paint on Canvas and Fabric, you will mark and paint one design onto needlepoint canvas and one onto silk fabric. Learn More and Register!

Perfectly Counted Crosses with Carolyn Standing Webb

In Perfectly Counted Crosses you will learn how to create a sampler that will dazzle those who see it with perfectly executed crossed stitches. Learn More and Register!

Symphony with Barbara Kershaw

Work on a beautiful, pulled thread set comprising of an embroidery pouch and smalls that will be a wonderful addition to your sewing basket. Learn More and Register!


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