Rainbows Bend: A Course on Color Theory with Carole Rinard

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Rainbows Bend: A Course on Color Theory

From color wheels to how to use color in your own work, our Individual Correspondence Course Rainbows Bend: A Course on Color Theory is a comprehensive study of color. For all levels of embroiderers, Rainbows Bend an intense class that looks at every aspect of color. Each lesson has research, paper/colored medium and stitched exercises.

Rainbows Bend: A Course on Color Theory Lessons

Lesson 1. Color systems, color wheels, and attributes of color
Lesson 2. Value, value keys, plus warm and cool colors
Lesson 3. Classic color combinations and contrast
Lesson 4. Color illusions
Lesson 5. Illusion of depth and more color combinations
Lesson 6. Color unity and personal palette

Rainbows Bend: A Course on Color Theory information

Text: $35, includes Color-aid papers
Time: 12 to 18 months
Prerequisites: None
Supplies (approximate): At least $30

About teacher Carole Rinard

Carole Rinard has studied color since she was in high school and has incorporated color theory in the clothing and textile classes she taught at the university level. She is an EGA Master Needlework Judge and a Color Master Craftsman. She has been active in all levels of EGA and has served on the national board. Since 1989, she has volunteered at the Santa Fe Opera costume shop where she has heard numerous designers and directors discuss color in costumes, sets, and lighting. She lives in Los Alamos, New Mexico with her husband.

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