Jacobean Crewel Embroidery with Judy Jeroy

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Jacobean Crewel Embroidery Class

Our Jacobean Crewel Embroidery Individual Correspondence Course presents an example of a design typical of the Jacobean period, using motifs from historical sources. Basic crewel stitches, as they were used in the period, are taught. Students are encouraged to research the stitches, dyes, materials, and design influences that shaped this embroidery. A short research paper relevant to the textiles of the period is required from the students. Students may design their own sampler if they wish.

Note: Teacher Judy Jeroy Judy Jeroy will be retiring in June, 2020. This is your last chance to take Judy’s course. She is accepting ICC: Jacobean Crewel Embroidery students until October 1, 2019. Starting October 2nd, any new student registrations will be with another teacher announced soon. Learn more

Jacobean Crewel Embroidery Lessons

Lesson 1. Read about the history of the period, including thread dyes. Learn to identify a typical Jacobean design. Work a sampler of long and short shading as well as buttonhole stitches.
Lesson 2. Work a sampler of filling patterns from the period, as well as a sampler of additional stitches for the final project. Submit an outline of the research paper. Submit a line drawing of your final project if you decide not to stitch the example.
Lesson 3. Submit a short research paper with bibliography and a sampler featuring a design typical of the period.

Jacobean Crewel Embroidery Course information

Text: $20
Time: Six months
Prerequisites: None
Supplies (approximate): $50

About teacher Judy Jeroy

Judy is an EGA-certified teacher of crewel embroidery and canvas embroidery as well as a Certified Teacher Graduate and a Certified Judge.  She is credentialed to teach Traditional Japanese Embroidery by Mr. Shuji Tamura.  She has her Master Craftsman in Crewel and in Canvas and has served on the faculty of numerous national and regional seminars.  Judy is the author of Creative Crewel Embroidery, published by Lark Books in 1998.  She has held numerous administrative positions in the Mid-Atlantic Region and at the national level.

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Note: Please read the Student Responsibilities on the ICC page before enrolling. The timeline for course completion begins when you register. There are no refunds for course or text fees so make your selection carefully.