Online Class: Embroidered Quilt Block with J. Marsha Michler

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Note: This class has ended. This page is only for informational purposes.

Our online class Embroidered Quilt Block with teacher J. Marsha Michler covers patching and embroidering an 8-inch square quilt block and is intended as an introduction to the technique of using embroidery in quilt-making.

For someone who loves embroidery it seems that every available surface might require a stitch or two or three. Making a quilt is yet another opportunity to apply decorative stitching. Several types of quilts naturally lend themselves to embroidery by hand and these include applique, wool, pictorial, art and crazy quilts. In this course you will be exploring embroidery on a crazy quilted surface.

The lessons cover two types of stitch work. First, you will explore freehand stitching along patch seams, combining various embroidery stitches to create intricate-looking stitch patterns. Use stitches you already know, or refer to a stitch guide to learn new ones. The second consists of motifs – stitched designs made within the patches of the quilt. You may use the included motif patterns or create original designs of your own. Patterns are provided for patches and motifs. Instructions for how to embroider, or how to make or finish a quilt are not included.

Embroidered Quilt Block Information

Project: 8-inch square quilt block
Design size: 8″ X 8″
Skill level*: Advanced Beginner
Prerequisites needed to take this class: Sewing and/or quilting skills
Registration dates: June 3 through July 1, 2020.
Class cost: $45 Class only. No kit will be offered for this class.
Number of lessons: 3
Class schedule: Lesson 1 will be posted on August 26, with the following lessons going live September 9 and September 23.
Supplies needed for this class: See the full list supplies needed in the Course Content section below.

About teacher J. Marsha Michler

J. Marsha Michler has authored 13 printed books, and 9 self-published eBooks on crazy quilting, embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, wire jewelry, and knitting. Her quilts have won awards at quilt shows, and her work has appeared in national magazines and other publications including EGA’s Needle Arts. Holding a degree in Business Marketing, and three-quarters of a degree in fine arts, and a EGA’s Master Craftsman in Color, she has taught classes in crazy quilting, embroidery, and jewelry. She actively pursues crazy quilting, embroidery, fiber spinning, knitting, fiction and poetry writing, ballroom dancing, builds stone walls, and resides with husband and cat in the beautiful and inspiring foothills of Southern Maine.