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If you’re looking for a little something extra, you can probably find it here. We’ve compiled everything from our blog to our lending library and our Needle Arts Magazine.

Free Projects

Just getting started or want to brush up on some basics? We have some free projects, plus our free "Little Book of Embroidery" on our Resources page.

Embroidered Art

Member Resources

Access your members-only resources on the links below. Find Technique Basics, Guideline Series on leadership, projects and more on Member Publications. And a collection of over 60 projects on Petite Projects. Login required.

More tools for your needlework journey

Looking for the correct term or definition? We have a handy Glossary of terms you can download. If you're interested in learning embroidery, this free download of "A Little Book of Embroidery Basics" is also a great place to start.

Youth Education and more

See resources like the Teaching Our Youth Stitching (TOYS) series and a guide for the beginner stitcher presented by the Fort Worth Chapter.

RSN Stitch Bank

The RSN Stitch Bank by the Royal School of Needlework aims to digitally conserve and showcase the wide variety of the world’s embroidery stitches and the ways in which they have been used in different cultures and times.