Online Class: Star Spangled Sampler with Dawn Fisher

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Star Spangled Sampler

Learn over 30 unique stitches!

This patriotic sampler was designed as a tribute to the original Star Spangled Banner, which inspired Francis Scott Key to write our National Anthem. During this class, students will learn over 30 unique stitches: two stitches for each of the 15 red, white, and blue stripes, plus two variations of the Star Eyelet.

Stitches on the sampler include Mosaic, Star Eyelet, Bound Scotch, Ray, Brighton Square, Smyrna, Covered Cross, Troupe, Modified Rhodes, Rice, Chevron with Eyelets, Foliage, Woven Trellis, Ribbon Cross, Divided Scotch, Cushion, Belgian Cross, Waffle, Wrapped Scotch, and more.

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