Online Studio Class: Counted Thread and Lacis Bell Pull with Jonalene Gutwein

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Counted Thread and Lacis Bell Pull

A contemporary interpretation of the traditional lacis!

Counted Thread and Lacis Bell Pull is a 15 week course with one border taught each week. Counted Thread and Lacis Bell Pull is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional lacis that uses the existing linen for the lacework instead of making a netting for the embellishing stitches. The drawn thread work includes the lacis area, two forms of hemstitching, and Scandinavian needle weaving. The drawn thread areas are complemented with the use of counted thread embroidery.

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More about Counted Thread and Lacis Bell Pull

  • Class Details

    Design size: 5.8” wide by 17.5” long.
    Technique: Counted Thread and Lace
    Skill level: Intermediate
    Registration dates: Registration opens June 7, 2023 and closes July 5, 2023.
    Class schedule: There will be fifteen lessons, posted weekly starting September 6, 2023 and ending December 13, 2023.
    Number of lessons: 15
    Class Format: PDF Lessons + Videos + Zoom
    Class cost: $60.
    Supplies needed: There is no kit available. Click here to see the list of materials needed for this class.
    Prerequisites: Some experience working on linen and counted thread techniques

  • Lessons

  • About teacher Jonalene Gutwein

    Jonalene is EGA certified in Counted Thread. She is a member of our Indian River Chapter in Florida and has been teaching various forms of needlework since 1982 at EGA chapters, and events at the regional and national level. She has over sixty needlework publications under the name of Friends in Needlework and three retired EGA Group Correspondence Courses.

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