Online Class: Hidden Trellises with Merrilyn Heazlewood

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Hidden Trellises

Join Merrilyn Heazlewood in creating your very own garden trellis. Contrasting colors and rich greens recreate the vibrancy of garden fruit, vegetables and flowers, while stitching over other stitches makes the trellises look hidden. French knots and subtle, metallic thread add texture and glint to the design. An optional kit can be ordered at registration.

Trellises in our garden are often totally covered with fruit, vegetables or flowers.  The ease of working lattice/trellising on Needlepoint was the inspiration for this design. Merrilyn challenged herself to create a Trellis effect without stitching a traditional Trellis stitch, and often stitching over stitches, making the Trellises look hidden.In embroidery lattice/ trellising is used to form a background for other stitches to be added to and can be very challenging to get the long lattice stitches with even spacing, but on canvas it is a ‘dream’. In Hidden Trellises you will stitch the trellising background, not covering it with  flowers and fruit, but instead incorporating the flowers in-between the trellis, allowing the trellis to ‘shine’.

Hot pinks and bright yellows are used as contrasting colors in the main eight oblong beds that have the Hidden Trellises.  Rich greens are intertwined into the design with Gumnut Yarns Poppies and rich textured Rainbow Gallery Very Velvet.  French knots in the inner garden beds represent our gardens over flowing in full summer bloom.  The subtle use of metallic threads adds a soft glint to the design. Delicate Gumnut Yarns: Poppies (50% silk and wool) and the rich texture of Very Velvet are used to form traditional Box Hedges around the Garden Beds. A range of Rainbow Gallery threads bring life to the flowers that are blooming.

This class includes instructions for completing the design piece which can be finished however the student prefers. No finishing instructions are included in this class.

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Hidden Trellises Information

Design size: 7 1/2″ X 7 1/2″
Technique: counted canvas
Skill level: intermediate
Number of lessons: 4
Type of online class: Continuing Studies (Learn more)
Registration dates: Registration opens on October 2, 2019 and ends on August 26, 2020.
Class cost: Class Only $45; Class + Partial kit $75; Class + Full kit $220.
Kit information: There are 2 kit options for this course, a partial kit and a full kit. See the Kit and Supplies Document

How does it work? This continuing studies class is an on-going class that is available to our members for one year. Students may register at any time during that year and work at their own pace. All of the lessons are posted in the Course Content section below at the beginning of the class so that students have access to all of them upon registration. The teacher is still just a click away in the class’ discussion group to answer any questions you might have.

About teacher Merrilyn Heazlewood

Merrilyn HeazlewoodMerrilyn is an internationally renowned hand embroiderer, designer, author and teacher. Merrilyn opened her 1st needlework shop in 1978.

With an artistic heritage and a passion for hand work this was the starting point for a long creative and rewarding journey with needle, threads and fabrics.

Merrilyn has published books on her original designs worked with silk ribbon and wool embroidery and needlepoint. Magazine articles of Merrilyn’s work are regularly featured in publications in USA, Australia, and New Zealand. This year she is reflecting on her forty years in the needlework industry.

Her creative and individual approach to her designing and taking all opportunities offered to her Merrilyn has found the many international teaching and promotional trips very enjoyable and satisfying, especially to the USA. “I have visited states I would never have gone to as a tourist.”

“Forty years ago I would never have dreamed of teaching in other countries” she said.

Totally self-taught, Merrilyn’s focus is that students enjoy their stitching, especially in the very busy world we all live in. “Meditation with an embroidery needle is wonderful.”