Individual Correspondence Courses: “This EGA Class completely changed my relationship with Color”

We’d like to congratulate Debbie Cosper, from our Tri-Area Needle Arts Chapter who recently completed our ICC Rainbows Bend – A Course on Color Theory with Carole Rinard. Our Individual Correspondence Courses offer stitchers a way to expand their skills, by learning a new technique or refining skills in a technique they already know. Courses can range from three to nine classes. There is frequent interaction with the teacher, as each lesson requires that the student submit a piece for evaluation.

This is what Debbie says of her experience:

“Color theory was something I had been interested in for a while and for several years I kept eyeing the class in Needle Arts. I kept passing it up thinking there was no way I was advanced enough to do the work. Then one day I realized how much I really wanted to learn color theory and signed up.

I am so glad I did. Two surprising changes happened because of this class and the patience and help from the instructor, Carole Rinard. First, as with learning anything new, my abilities, skills, and doubts were pushed beyond what I thought I could do. (OMG, create an original design?!). But I did it—successfully and now I have so much confidence in my capabilities.

Second, this class completely changed my relationship with color. I see things so differently now. Whether it is changing the colors of a pattern or just looking at the trees, my life is so much richer because of what I’ve learned.”

More about Rainbows Bend: A Course on Color Theory with Carole Rinard

From color wheels to how to use color in your own work, our Individual Correspondence Course Rainbows Bend: A Course on Color Theory is a comprehensive study of color. For all levels of embroiderers, Rainbows Bend an intense class that looks at every aspect of color. Each lesson has research, paper/colored medium and stitched exercises.

You too can expand your embroidery skills, by learning a new technique or refining skills in a technique you already know with one of our Individual Correspondence Courses. Our available ICCs are:

Written by ICC Chair Helene Ossipov


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