A Journey into the World of Raised Embroidery: Stumpwork Techniques


This is an in-depth study of the various techniques used in stumpwork. Students will learn by completing the work. Each lesson focuses on a specific technique that students will practice and culminates in a project that is provided or one of the student’s choosing. The project for the last lesson is a stumpwork sampler, which applies every technique the student has learned into one final piece.

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Lesson 1. Dimensional embroidery stitches

Lesson 2. Padded slips

Lesson 3. Wired slips

Lesson 4. Needlelace

Lesson 5. Stumpwork figures

Lesson 6. Final project

Teacher: Celeste Chalasani

Prerequisite: Familiarity with surface embroidery stitches, such as blanket, chain, outline, satin, split, and stem stitches; French knots; and long and short stitch.
Degree of difficulty: Intermediate through Intermediate Advanced
Time: Six to nine months
Fee: $175 (Fee is for course only. Text fee will be added based on the customer’s selection of text format).
Text: $25 if downloaded from EGA website; $61 for the printed text, including shipping.
Supplies: $110–$220