Online Class: Glass House Fuchsias with Merrilyn Heazlewood

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Glass House Fuchsias

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In Glass House Fuchsias, renowned silk ribbon teacher Merrilyn Heazlewood will teach you how to create vibrant silk ribbon fuchsia flowers and a soft-toned, glass garden house background in needle point stitches. You will learn thirteen different delicate stitches and the power of leaving some of your canvas unstitched to create the old glass house effect. Both written material and videos are included in the class to aid you in creating the ribbon Fuschia flowers, buds, and leaves.

About the Piece

13mm variegated silk ribbon is gathered to create the ‘ballerina skirt’ of the Fuchsia flowers. Quality white Japanese 13mm silk ribbon is used for the top petals of the flowers. Kreinik braid adding sparkle to the very important stamens. Thirteen delicate needlepoint stitches create the old glass of the Glass House. Variations of traditional needlepoint stitches in soft tones of grey represent glass houses that have been in our gardens for decades.

Perle 12, 8 and 5 and variegated floss are stitched to form the windows. Sunshine reflecting on the glass is stitched in various tones of pastel grey. Small exposed sections of the white interlocked canvas compliments the stitches selected for the Windows. Variegated Perle cottons in subtle tones of the Fuchsias form the borders.

Merrilyn’s Bow stitched with silk lame delicately surrounds Glass House Fuchsias. Demonstrations of creating the Fuchsia Flowers will be provided in a video.

Course information

Skill level: Intermediate
Design Area: 10 1/2″ x 8″
Kit Contents: See the full list of supplies here.
Options: This course is available in two options, one with a partial kit and one with a full kit.
Registration starts: January 7, 2019
Registration closes: February 4, 2019
Classes start: Due to a delay in shipments of the kit, the starting date of the class has moved to April 3. An email with more information has been sent to registered students.

About Merrilyn Heazlewood

Merrilyn HeazlewoodMerrilyn is an internationally renowned hand embroiderer, designer, author and teacher. Merrilyn opened her 1st needlework shop in 1978.

With an artistic heritage and a passion for hand work this was the starting point for a long creative and rewarding journey with needle, threads and fabrics.

Merrilyn has published books on her original designs worked with silk ribbon and wool embroidery and needlepoint. Magazine articles of Merrilyn’s work are regularly featured in publications in USA, Australia, and New Zealand. This year she is reflecting on her forty years in the needlework industry.

Her creative and individual approach to her designing and taking all opportunities offered to her Merrilyn has found the many international teaching and promotional trips very enjoyable and satisfying, especially to the USA. “I have visited states I would never have gone to as a tourist.”

“Forty years ago I would never have dreamed of teaching in other countries” she said.

Totally self-taught, Merrilyn’s focus is that students enjoy their stitching, especially in the very busy world we all live in. “Meditation with an embroidery needle is wonderful.”