Photos: See the Amazing Needle Art from our 2021 Fiber Forum

Caroline’s New Year’s Eve by Karen Maier

We have some amazing needle art to share as part of this year’s Fiber Forum. The purpose of Fiber Forum is to promote and advance embroidery as an art form through the exhibition of original works. Every year, new members are juried into Fiber Forum by academics and professional artists who are active in their field on the basis of both aesthetic achievement and technical skill. The main requirement is that a needle and thread are involved in the creation of the piece. If you are a needle artist and would like to be part of Fiber Forum, you can learn more here.

Members are encouraged to exhibit their work. There will be pieces in the Education Exhibit during our 2021 National Seminar: The Magnificent Stitch. There will also be a brief Fiber Forum member gathering at the seminar, followed by a gathering for friends of Fiber Forum or anyone interested in learning more about Fiber Forum.

The jurying period for 2021 recently ended and we have published a gallery showcasing some of the stunning work, some of which you can see below. Visit the gallery for a closer look!

Sandra’s Zumba on Zoom, with my Daughter – Detail by Ayelet Lindenstrauss Larsen
Artist statement: “My daughter came from college for spring break with instructions not to return for the second half of the semester. Her classes moved online, and her recreational Zumba class with Sandra Kim did, too. I joined their Zumba classes on Zoom, and Sandra’s positive energy was a ray of sunshine in the midst of social distancing for us both!”


Hive Alive! by Sue Osterberg
Amazing Needle Art
Artist statement: “This mixed media piece expresses my passion for beading and my respect for nature and our environment. I live in Henderson County NC, which produces a large apple crop. We are also a Bee City USA. Primarily the apple crop depends on the honeybee as pollinators. I wanted to bring attention to the honeybee’s demise caused by climate change, loss of habitat, use of pesticides and disease. In-deed the hive is ALIVE!”


Timeline 2020 by Carol Lynn Stratton
Amazing Needle Art
Artist statement: “Playing with blackwork patterns, I realized that they are like people. Although the outer form is the same, each one is unique in color and complexity. We each have our own character, path and interactions. Then Covid 19 hit and we freaked out! After a short period of isolation we ventured out, carefully social distancing and showing only part of our former selves. Then three black lives ended, killed by police. We feel alone.”


The Dude in Glory by Kate Thomas
Amazing Needle Art
Artist statement: “I have always loved scientific diagrams and imagined prehistoric scenes. While I drew out the basic design here, I did not plan the colors and stitches in advance – I just let the whole thing grow organically.”


Symbiosis: Convergence by Janet Scruggs
Amazing Needle Art
Artist statement: “Often we find ourselves looking at the sky, the buildings and people around us. Yet amazing beauty can often be found lurking subtly at our feet. Walking one morning, I came across this orange and yellow lichen growing on a concrete stair. Stunning! This example of Xanthoria or Common Lichen, contains a fascinating complexity not usually noticed by passersby. It has become a favourite subject for my work”
Click here to see the 2021 Fiber Forum gallery

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