Photos: See the Amazing Embroidery from our 2022 Fiber Forum

We have some amazing embroidery to share as part of this year’s Fiber Forum!

The purpose of Fiber Forum is to promote and advance embroidery as an art form through the exhibition of original works. Every year, new members are juried into Fiber Forum by academics and professional artists who are active in their field on the basis of both aesthetic achievement and technical skill. The main requirement is that a needle and thread are involved in the creation of the piece. If you are a needle artist and would like to be part of Fiber Forum, you can learn more here.

Some of these pieces were showcased at our 2022 National Seminar: Broadway Bound.

We have published a gallery showcasing the stunning work, some of which you can see below. Visit the gallery for a closer look!

Kama Aina Hawaiian Quilt by Bette Kelley

Artist statement: I am a “kama aina” (native born) white ( haole) Hawaiian. This quilt is part of an ongoing series exploring Hawaii. Central to the quilt, I have portrayed both kind of lava, black and brown, which form the underpinnings of both the Islands themselves a well as the native Hawaiian culture. I have featured indigenous flora and fauna surrounded by a plumeria lei to serve as an introduction to this beautiful place and my heart’s home.

Cascarones by Michele Roberts

Artist statement: A new native art form has been emerging in the American Southwest: cascarones, dyed and decorated eggshells for Mexican fiestas! The celebration eggs bear the bright, joyous colors of fiesta, with designs inspired by life, Loteria, and church. The real eggshells are filled with confetti and thrown at friends. Lately cascarones have become so elaborate that people are collecting them, and the epicenter is the mercado at the two-week-long spring fiesta in San Antonio, Texas!

Omicron, Oh My! by John Waddell

Artist statement: This virus scared me to death. I wanted to create my own visual of the virus – uneasy to view and difficult to understand. The epidemic trapped us at home, so “trapping” captured many of the ground elements of my virus. The topstitching then further defines the shape of the virus. The orange metallic stars in the center symbolize the bright light of hope or flashes of terror to come. Only time will tell.

Pathways by Janet Scruggs

Artist statement: On life’s journey with an addict we come to many crossroads not contemplated before. The path is interrupted by relapse and crawling out of the abyss to get back on the path. A seemingly right path can end in tragedy. This piece illustrates my view of paths we’ve taken – addict and mom – with many relapse interruptions and tragedy. We see with desire and envy the few successful ones, the circles, not perfect, but whole.

Jazz Series #1: Mason Plays the Blues and #2: and Sew What by Carole Fiore

Artist statement #1: Mason is one of the musicians that I “adopted,” providing emotional support and lots of meals over his time at FSU. This portrait captures his bright and engaging personality, and his vibrant socks. When he moved to Atlanta he left a hole in the Tallahassee music scene – and my life. MASON PLAYS THE BLUES is based on a 2017 photo I took and helps me remember the music and the friendships.

Artist statement #2:  I love jazz and jazz musicians. I go to many recitals and have become friends with many of the jazz studies students. Over the years I have taken numerous photos of these young musicians honing their craft. The challenge of these musical portraits is to capture the movement and the excitement of this truly American form of music. This is the 2nd in my Jazz series; I hope to complete the combo adding more players.

Click here to see the 2022 Fiber Forum gallery

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