Photos: See the Wonderful Embroidery from our 2024 Fiber Forum

We have some wonderful embroidery to share as part of this year’s Fiber Forum!

The purpose of Fiber Forum is to promote and advance embroidery as an art form through the exhibition of original works. Every year, new members are juried into Fiber Forum by academics and professional artists who are active in their field on the basis of both aesthetic achievement and technical skill. The main requirement is that a needle and thread are involved in the creation of the piece. If you are a needle artist and would like to be part of Fiber Forum, you can learn more here.

We have published a gallery showcasing the stunning work, some of which you can see below. Visit the gallery for a closer look!

Bluebonnet Spring by Judith Baker Montano
Photographed by: Warren Lee

Artist statement: I create mixed-medium pieces using my photography as inspiration. Blue Bonnet Season started with a compilation of three photographs. Two pictures of a Dallas, Texas, field created a sweeping view. The buildings and cattle were photographed near Valentine, Texas. These shapes were sized and pasted into the background, midground, and foreground. This became the pattern for the finished fibre-art painting.

Forest Snow by Carol Lynn Stratton

Artist statement: A dismal winter, most just reminisced about former winters and the snow. If only seen in art we needed snow. Other elements to work with were depth perception and transparency: how to bring to life the chill, foggy effect of snowfall in the woods. This work helped dispel the global warming missed season.

A Not So Gentle Reminder by Jenna McClooney

Artist statement: I’m intrigued by an activity called Neural Graphic Artwork that combines line color, and a meditative component. I chose to substitute fabric, paint, and thread for paper and pen and began with the red central form. As work progressed, I was shocked to realize that this form appeared to be malignant, and the color was bleeding on to the adjoining shapes. My focus on maintaining a completely positive attitude during years of treatment had repressed my thoughts about this frightening process. I have come to terms with the power of cancer by expressing it through this piece.

Click here to see the 2024 Fiber Forum gallery

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