5 New GCC Lightning Rounds: Create a Bargello Sampler, a Crazy Quilted Wallpiece, a Three-dimensional Ball and more

It’s a new quarter and that means we have a fresh group of EGA educational opportunities for you to participate in!

GCC: Lightning Rounds

Every quarter, our Education Department selects some of our Group Correspondence Courses(GCC) and these are made available for members to register individually without needing a group. This is a great opportunity for members-at-large or chapter members who have been wanting to try one of these group courses and haven’t been able to. Learn more about Lightning Rounds.

From June 1 through August 31, 2023 we have the following GCCs available as Lightning Rounds and open for registration:

Bargello and Design with Gail Stafford

Bargello and Design is a course designed for intermediate and advanced stitchers who want to create their own square Bargello samplers. The class focus is to design a sampler, and Bargello is the type of canvas embroidery used in the design. Learn More and Register!

Cosmos with Kim Sanders

Cosmos with Kim Sanders

Cosmos introduces students to needle painting, one of the most realistic forms of surface embroidery. Learn More and Register!

Snowflake Ball with Denise Harrington Pratt

The Snowflake Ball Class

The Snowflake Ball is a three-dimensional, beaded needlework ball. You don’t have to understand geometry to stitch this fun piece. Learn More and Register!

Taming the Stash Monster with Laura Smith

Taming the Stash Monster Class

Get your stash under control with our course Taming the Stash Monster: Clearing your stash, purchasing strategies, archival storage, inventory and more. Learn More and Register!

White On White Crazy Quilted Wallpiece with J. Marsha Michler

White On White Crazy Quilted Wallpiece Crazy Quilting Class

White On White Crazy Quilted Wallpiece is an introduction to crazy quilting that presents this artful form of quilting with a small project. Learn More and Register!

Online Studio Classes Coming Up

Counted Thread and Lacis Bell Pull with Jonalene Gutwein is a 15 week course with one border taught each week. Counted Thread and Lacis Bell Pull is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional lacis that uses the existing linen for the lacework instead of making a netting for the embellishing stitches. The drawn thread work includes the lacis area, two forms of hemstitching, and Scandinavian needle weaving. The drawn thread areas are complemented with the use of counted thread embroidery. Registration: June 7 – July 5, 2023. Class Schedule: September 6 – December 13, 2023. Register today!

Frank the Zebra with Hazel Blomkamp is a design featured in Blomkamp’s latest book, Crewel Animal Portraits. It is worked with an interesting variety of embroidery, needlelace, needleweaving, and bead embroidery techniques, with the focus of the design being an unconventional method to create the stripes of the hide. Registration: July 5, 2023–Aug. 2, 2023 Class schedule: Oct. 4, 2023–Oct. 25, 2023 Sign up for a reminder!

Primroses with Merrilyn Heazlewood. Bring the summer joy of primroses into your home all year round. Clusters of French knots complement the needlepoint stitches. Gumnut Yarns’ “Buds” and “Poppies” create a light, airy pattern to the tile. Kreinik® metallic adds sparkle. Primroses is stitched on 18-count canvas with 16 different stitches. Two colorways are offered. Flowers will be created with 7mm silk ribbon. Registration dates: Aug. 2, 2023–Sept. 6, 2023 Class schedule: Nov. 1, 2023–Dec. 13, 2023 Sign up for a reminder!

Virtual lectures coming soon and recordings available

Recording Now Available: How to Research an Antique Sampler with Cindy Steinhoff — An antique sampler reveals some of its physical characteristics and often some information about the girl who stitched it, but what else can it tell us? Cynthia Shank Steinhoff will discuss how she learns more about the samplers she collects and researches. The result is a full documentation of a sampler’s appearance and history. Many of the characteristics that she identifies for older samplers can be used to provide a full description of a needlework piece made today.Get access to the recording!

Recording Now Available: Making My Bed: Creating imaginative worlds with 3D embroidery with Salley Mavor — Artist Salley Mavor will talk about her 40+ year career creating imaginative worlds with 3-dimensional embroidery. The presentation will cover a wide range of artistic adventures, from illustration to doll-making to stop-motion animation, all done in her signature hand-stitched style. This is an opportunity to take a behind the scenes peek at Ms. Mavor’s innovative process, which incorporates embroidery, fabric, and found objects. Get access to the recording!

Recording Now Available: Elizabethan Embroidery And The Trevelyon Miscellany Of 1608 with Kathy Andrews — Thomas Trevelyon, a London craftsman of whom little is known, created his miscellany in 1608 when he was about 60 years old. Join Kathy Andrews for a brief overview of the concept of a miscellany. We will see a facsimile of the Miscellany and explore the embroidery designs within. Participants will see both period and current examples of embroidered pieces whose designs are inspired/taken from the Miscellan. Get access to the recording!

Recording Now Available: A Journey into Tibet’s Sacred Textile Art with Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo — A California woman traveled to the seat of the Tibetan government-in-exile in India to manage an economic development fund. In a twist of fate, she ended up sewing pictures of buddhas instead. She ultimately learned that a path is made by walking it, and some of the best paths are made by walking off course. Get access to the recording!

Coming Soon: The History and Mysteries of the Bayeux Tapestry with Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer — The Bayeux Tapestry (actually, an embroidery) is a fascinating example of eleventh century needlework. This talk discusses its history, both the history depicted on the Tapestry and the history of the Tapestry over the almost 1000 years of its existence, including a few narrow escapes. Mysteries of the tapestry include questions about what some scenes depict (the Latin phrases on the cloth are sometimes very inadequate) and who commissioned, designed, and embroidered it. You’ll also learn about the stitch used for most of the embroidery, the Bayeux stitch, and how to do it. Attendees will receive bibliography that lists several books about the Tapestry and some needlework shops that sell kits for reproductions of some scenes. Live Lecture Date: Saturday, July 8, 2023 1PM Eastern Live Lecture Registration: June 16-July 6, 2023 1PM Eastern. Sign up for a reminder!

Coming Soon: Linen: The Journey From Seed to Cloth with Ellen Phelps — What do you really know about the linen cloth you stitch on or linen thread that you stitch with? In order to gain an appreciation of the linen thread that we use in our weaving, the Frances Irwin Handweavers Guild set out on a 2-year journey to learn about linen. From preparing the garden and growing, reaping, and preparing flax to be spun into linen thread and woven into cloth, guild members experienced these processes literally from the ground up! Come along with us on this journey as we share our experiences with you so that you, too, can learn more about the linen you hold in your hands. Live Lecture Date: Sunday, August 13, 2023 1PM Eastern Live Lecture Registration: July 21-August 11, 2023 1PM Eastern Sign up for a reminder!


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