Bargello and Design with Gail Stafford

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Bargello and Design

Create your own square Bargello sampler!

Our Group Correspondence Course Bargello and Design with teacher Gail Stafford is the remake of a similar class taught at an ANG national seminar. In that format, no sample design was provided. That is not the case for this class. Bargello and Design is a course designed for intermediate and advanced stitchers who want to create their own square Bargello samplers. The class focus is to design a sampler, and Bargello is the type of canvas embroidery used in the design. If individuals desire, they can use Bargello patterns not included in the text for parts of the design. The text will provide a structure for creating a square sampler, but the stitcher will make decisions such as what threads and colors to use, whether or not to use spacers or corner motifs, and which patterns and background stitches to include in the sampler. Because different people will make different choices, it will be difficult to furnish an exact supply list for threads. The stitching can be done in a variety of threads: cotton, silk, medici wool, metallic, rayon, soy or other threads. You can mix threads of different types in your sampler, but I do not recommend the use of Persian yarn for this project.

Though it is not the intention of the course, instructions are included for those who wish to stitch the sampler as shown in the model.

More about Bargello and Design

  • Class Details

    Project: Picture
    Size: Design Area of 8” by 8” to 9” x 9 (frame size 13” x 13”)
    Fabric: 18-count mono canvas
    Threads: Student’s choice of threads. A mix of thread types can be used as long as canvas coverage is good for Bargello stitches. Thread recommendations include but are not limited to the following: stranded embroidery cotton or stranded silk, Impressions, Silk ‘n Ivory, Vineyard Silk, Medici wool (not tapestry wool), Petite Sparkle Rays, Neon Rays +, Kreinik 1/16” ribbon. The sampler can be stitched in a variety of threads including cotton, silk, medici wool, metallic, rayon, soy or blended threads. Threads of different types can be mixed in your sampler, but Persian yarn is not recommended for use in this project. Depending on the design decisions that are made, it is likely more than one skein of some of your threads will be used. The model is stitched in Impressions and stranded embroidery cotton.
    Colors: Student’s choice, but it may be best to start with two or three color families of five values each. The model is stitched in families of apricot, plum, and yellow-green.
    Proficiency Level: Intermediate to advanced
    Prerequisites: Some experience with Bargello and canvas embroidery. Stitcher must be able to read charts and use compensation.
    Time: Seven months; seven sessions
    Fee per group: $200
    Text: $45 per student, 51 pages plus six separate color enclosures and a planning sheet. Text is pre punched for three-ring binder, includes 24 color pages, is unbound, sent in two-pocket folder
    Supplies (approximate): $40 for stranded embroidery cotton and Impressions threads used in the model to $100 for stranded silk and specialty threads such as Silk and Ivory, Vineyard Silk, and Petite Sparkle Rays
    Additional Information:
    DMC floss #: 718

  • About teacher Gail Stafford

    Gail Stafford teaches mathematics at a small college in eastern North Carolina.  She has always enjoyed art in many forms.  For many years, she enjoyed stitching canvas embroidery projects and in more recent years she has been creating original needlework designs.  Though she continues to enjoy Bargello, her current focus is on translating scenic images into canvas embroidery designs.  She holds EGA Master Craftsman certifications in Canvas EmbroideryColor for Needlework, and Design for Needlework.  She has been on the faculty of American Needlepoint Guild National seminars and has presented numerous programs for EGA and ANG chapters.  Her work has been published in Needle PointersNeedle Arts, and Needlepoint Now.

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